How Much Do You Know about Floating ESD Floor Tiles? They Offer Several Unique Benefits

Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We were recently contacted by a company located in Andover, MA, that had a unique set of industrial flooring needs.

This particular company produces high-performance modular components that are designed to manage electrical power from the wall to their point of connection. We’ll leave the technical details of their work to them, and focus on the fact that they create these electrical components for a wide variety of industrial and commercial fields.

Because of the nature of their work, their first priority was to install an ESD control floor system that would meet their particular needs. Their search for ESD flooring expertise ended with the team here at Kaloutas.

Can You Have Both Function and Style When It Comes to Your Industrial Flooring? We Say, Why Not?

Our client not only needed a powerful, effective ESD flooring system, but they also needed it to look, as they put it, “world class.” This is an important factor in the equation for many property owners and managers, especially when you work in an industry where you need to be able to give tours, showcase products, and impress your own clients.

Working hard and looking fantastic don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Let’s Back Up: What Exactly Is an ESD Floor System, and Why Is It Important?

In short, ESD stands for electrostatic discharge. We build up this potential charge (a process called tribocharging) simply by existing: walking, wearing clothes, putting a coat on or taking it off. The electrical charge then waits until you come in contact with a surface that completes the circuit and allows the energy to pass from us to the object in a very tiny, but very hot, flash.

In some cases this discharge is as harmless as a static shock when you touch your car door. In industries that involve volatile chemicals, combustible materials, or sensitive electronic components, however, an ESD event can cause massive damage, both immediate and latent.

We recently wrote an in-depth article that outlines your ESD control options; be sure to take a look for more details!

Building a Plan for a Successful ESD Floor System

With the dual goals of obtaining effective ESD control and an aesthetically-pleasing appearance, we met at our client’s facility with our vendor to collaborate and discuss the possibilities in person. We wanted to hear our customer’s goals personally, and explore options in a timely, efficient way. Keeping an efficient timeline was especially important in this case; with new production equipment waiting to be installed, the flooring needed to be complete as soon as possible.

Floor Repair, Floating Tiles, and Meeting an Aggressive Timeline

With our plan in place, we expedited the shipping of our new ESD floor tiles (more on the tiles below!), then got to work.

  • First, we removed the existing floor with our ride-on Terminator floor scraper.
  • Using diamond grinders to remove the mastic (adhesive), we ground the floor.
  • Next we repaired the concrete slab wherever necessary.
  • We then applied a water-based epoxy primer from Protective Industrial Polymers that, in addition to sealing and protecting the surface, also provides a dust-proof barrier.
  • Finally, it was time to install the ESD floor tiles.

Can You Put ESD Tiles on a Floor With High Moisture Levels?

One major point of concern was a high moisture content in our client’s concrete floor. This can be caused by a number of factors, but often is traced back to a failing (or nonexistent) moisture barrier. When the barrier isn’t present, moisture seeps right through the permeable slab and can cause stains, blistering, floor damage, and more on the surface.

Excess moisture had caused our client’s previous floor tiles to fail (wet glue simply doesn’t stick). With this problem in mind, we chose a floating, interlocking ESD floor tile that requires no adhesives. On top of that, it offers fantastic conductivity for superior ESD control.

For increased durability and function, these tiles also came with a factory-installed, high-wear urethane top layer.

Mission Accomplished!

All of our collaborative efforts came together to yield an effective, attractive ESD flooring solution for our client that lined up with their tight time-table.

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