How We Extend the Life of Your Commercial Paint Job

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2019

How We Extend the Life of Your Commercial Paint Job

Painting your commercial space should be an investment, not an afterthought. You want to hire a commercial painting company that will respond to your needs, do the job properly and efficiently, and leave you with a paint job that will last a long time. Kaloutas fulfills these requirements and goes above and beyond. You want the best for your business, so that is what we provide. Here is how we extend the life of your commercial paint job.

How to Boost Your Commercial Painting's Lifespan

Before Painting

There are plenty of considerations to make before we paint any feature of a facility. If you want the best results, preparation is vital. The first step is to determine which paint products are best for your various surfaces. Your floors, walls, and equipment most likely all require different types of paint and coating solutions. For instance, some type of rust preventative coating is ideal for metal surfaces prone to oxidation, such as tanks, structural steel components, and other heavy equipment.

Cleanliness and surface preparation are also key to ensuring your paint’s longevity. If your surfaces are not clean, commercial paint will have a harder time adhering to them, meaning it will peel and fail prematurely. So, we make sure to clean and prime all relevant surfaces before painting them.

During Painting

When commercial painting begins, we tackle each surface methodically, making sure to not let any paint land where it should not. When painting walls, ceilings, and machinery, it is standard to lay down drop cloths on floors beneath the painting areas so the floors remain dry.

We also put up wall protection sheets to help walls dry or simply keep them guarded against any potential paint splatter. This is especially important when using sprayers to apply paint, as the small particles can be somewhat unpredictable.

Of course, it is also crucial to remove and/or cover any machinery or features that will not be painted. It is all about keeping the paint where it is supposed to be. Taking these steps and precautions will protect your facility, keep it looking beautiful, and, most importantly, extend the life of your paint job. Wall protectors, in particular, ensure that your surfaces dry properly, without interference.

After Painting

Once the paint is applied and cured, your newly painted surfaces need to stay protected from physical and chemical harm.  Other types of protective coatings may also be desired to guard against impact damage, thermal shock, or moisture.

Outside of the paint itself, Kaloutas will install corner guards in your facility, which will prevent severe impact damage from equipment. These measures will reduce the amount of maintenance painting you will have to invest in over time.

Your facility’s paint job keeps your property protected, functional, and beautiful. The longer it lasts, the better. Some maintenance and touch-ups will always be required, but with a high-quality paint job from Kaloutas, you can rest assured that your floors, walls, ceilings, and equipment will be in tip-top shape for years to come. To learn more about us and all we do, contact us here or give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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