Impact Resistant Floors - Industrial Flooring Solutions for Your Massachusetts Facility

Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Impact Resistant Floors - Industrial Flooring Solutions for Your Massachusetts Facility

When the topic of industrial and commercial floor protection is raised, more often than not business owners and facility managers think of moisture mitigation, specialized coatings, general maintenance, etc. There is another aspect to floor protection though that is hugely important to consider, but often is overlooked until there is a real issue: impact resistance.

What Is Impact Resistant Flooring?

These flooring systems are specifically designed to serve you well in environments where, simply put, your floors are put through the wringer. Everything from dropped tools, rolling equipment, and the rough edges of machinery dig, gouge, and work overtime to break down your floors.

A flexible epoxy floor system, for example, is ideal for this kind of situation. Our systems are reinforced with fiberglass for enhanced strength and durability, and retain the same chemical-resistant, rugged surface properties that our epoxy floors are known for.

If your floors face a particularly brutal workday, we also offer a troweled mortar system from Garland Floor. Our most durable options boast strength that is three times that of concrete. This is perfect for situations where heavy tools are dropped, large loads are dragged across the surface of the floor, etc.

Is Impact Resistant Flooring worth the Investment?

In short, it certainly is. Just as with any other aspect of your property, your floors have specific needs based on what is asked of them. If they aren’t maintained, coated, and equipped properly, they can break down prematurely and cause you more expense in the long run. It is worth making sure every element in your industrial property is optimized for success, longevity, and safety.

Talk to an Industrial Flooring Professional near You

Regardless of where you live in the country, take the time to really research industrial flooring experts near you. It is very worthwhile (even crucial!) to make sure that the communication flows freely so that you are ensured a product that meets your specific, custom needs.

If you live in New England, we hope you might contact us at Res-Stone Industrial Flooring. Take a moment to browse our services and get to know us, and then please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help.

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