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Increasing Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal and Marketability

Posted on Friday, November 07, 2014

Increasing Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal and Marketability

We all know that building maintenance and upkeep is important. Whether you are an HOA member, business owner, or property manager, you more than likely have a to-do list that always finds new ways to expand!

But maintaining your commercial property is about more than just stopping leaks, fixing a roof, or making updates here and there.

Property is an investment, for better or worse. The question becomes: what can you do to make yours a better investment? A huge part of that can be accomplished by strategic commercial painting, maintenance, and updating, helping to contribute bit by bit to your property’s overall value.

Property Maintenance Strategies - Where Do You Start?

Here are a few priorities to consider:

  • Curb Appeal - What does the face of your building say about you? A message is always being sent, and it’s either positive or negative (neutral rarely exists!). Take a few moments to think through what you would like visitors to feel, take in, and know about you and your business, complex, or offices before they even step out of their car.
  • Quality Interior Paint - Paint carries an incredible amount of weight. It has the power to make an interior warm and inviting, or cold and austere. It can present a modern, in-touch, cohesive theme, or it can feel outdated and worn. This is an especially important area to consider if you are working with prospective tenants or buyers!

  • Think Beyond Exterior Paint Alone - There are many elements at work to create an inviting exterior. Repairing and refinishing damaged areas is worthwhile, as is landscaping! Presenting a neat, clean, maintained exterior is the key.

  • Strategic Updates - Think through the most important areas of your building, then start with those. For professional offices, it might be that making sure your reception area is modern, bright, and well-branded is the priority. Or, maybe your conference room! If you manage residential properties, focusing on bathrooms and kitchens is incredibly valuable for creating desirable living spaces.

  • Maintenance Plan - Talk with a commercial painting company near you and ask about an ongoing facility maintenance plan. Think of it like paying for an oil change for your car every few thousand miles. Maintenance like that makes a lot more sense than replacing a seized motor!

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