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Industrial Painting and Coating: Make Sure Your Facility is Ready for Winter

Posted on Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Industrial Painting and Coating: Make Sure Your Facility is Ready for Winter

Anyone who has spent a winter in New England knows that the weather can become, well, less than pleasant at times. If you are able to play in it, enjoying skiing, snowmobiling, or maybe snowboarding, it can be a paradise. But if you have to work in the middle of the cold and snow it is not quite as enjoyable. In anticipation of the quick slide from fall to winter, you might invest in warmer gear and brace yourself for the weather ahead.

But what about your facility? Can you prepare your buildings and equipment for winter?

4 Tips to Prepare Your Facility

Here are a few maintenance ideas to consider as we step into the colder season:

  • Inspect your facility - Take the time to look for trouble spots in your exterior paint, coatings, and concrete. Unfortunately, these weak areas are not going to be impervious to the changing weather ahead, especially in light of the temperature fluctuations that the Northeast is famous for. Eliminating any issues now is a wise investment.
  • Waterproofing - Sealing moisture out is an ideal strategy for protecting your resources, especially in a time of year when water melts and pools, putting additional strain on seals, weathstripping, and existing coatings.

  • Rustproof coating - Exposed metal is basically on the front lines of the battle between winter and your facility. Dirt, slush, salt, and trapped snow will work against the integrity of your surfaces. Investing in a rustproof coating can protect against deterioration.

  • Check for blockages in your gutter system - Pressure washing debris out of your gutters seems like a relatively small thing to do, but it really pays off! It’s a great way to ensure that any runoff won’t get trapped. As the water pours out of your gutters it also is a good time to make sure that it has a point of egress, rather than just pooling and creating frozen, hazardous spots this winter.

Do You Need Help With Industrial Painting or Coatings?

If you could use professional help when it comes to making sure that the paint and coatings in your commercial or industrial facility are ready to stand the test of winter, we hope you might contact us at Kaloutas! We offer complete painting and coating services throughout Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, from interior faux finishes to large-scale, commercial exterior projects. We look forward to serving you!

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