Interior and Exterior Painting for Student Housing in Durham, NH

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Putting the Finishing Touches On New Construction With a Tight Deadline


If you take a quick look at the project photos above, you might think that we painted a small town. Bikes are parked in racks near a bench on the sidewalk, the streets are lined with cars, and the buildings look like a freshly-constructed main drag, soon to be bustling with pedestrians.

In many ways this is all true.

This is, in fact, a new student housing complex. There definitely will be pedestrians bustling down these streets, only they will be of the backpack wearing, coffee-guzzling, rushing-off-to-class variety.

So, how did we come to be involved with this massive interior and exterior painting project? Well, it started with a problem.

Stepping in to Meet a Commercial Painting Need

The construction company that was overseeing the building of these new student housing facilities had already been working with a painting contractor, but that contractor was not able to meet the necessary deadlines.

The team here at Kaloutas was brought in and asked to accomplish a very specific goal: get the painting schedule back on track.

Dealing with a busy construction environment and specific scheduling parameters is something that we are very familiar with. The construction and painting project may have already been rolling, but we were able to step on board without a wobble.

What Did This Commercial Painting Project Require?

  • Clear Communication - This included weekly manpower reviews to ensure that we were on target to meet our client’s needs, as well as constant communication with the job supers to coordinate the different trades at work.
  • Flexible, Additional Hours - As we mentioned, we needed to get the painting back on schedule. Part of this effort involved working both longer days and over the weekends.
  • Interior and Exterior Painting - We also used lifts to access those hard-to-reach places around the outside of the buildings.

Mission Accomplished

The project was completed on-time and in just the manner that the owner requested. It was truly a pleasure to help, and to ensure that this home-away-from-home was ready for the incoming crowds of students. They certainly have a beautiful facility to enjoy!

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