It’s Fun To Paint At the YMCA - Commercial Painting in Stoughton, MA

Posted on Friday, August 26, 2016

For well over a century the YMCA has been synonymous with healthy community activities, and providing opportunities for young people to discover their potential.

Because of the positive local impact that this nonprofit has, we were thrilled to see the recent expansion of the Striar YMCA. Having grown out of their space as it was, they essentially absorbed the adjacent courtyard and added a beautiful new fitness room to accommodate their growing needs.

We were contracted to help with the painting of a variety of surfaces in their freshly-expanded facility. It was our pleasure to help!

Interior Commercial Painting - Drywall, Metal Doors, Railings, and More...

In case you like the technical details, here’s a closer look at the products we used on each surface:

  • GWB Walls (Drywall)
    • Primer: Sherwin-Williams ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex
    • 2 Coats: Sherwin-Williams ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Eg-Shel
  • Railings, Steel Columns, and Metal Stairwell
    • 2 Coats: Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Semi-Gloss
  • GWB Ceilings and Soffits
    • 2 Coats: Sherwin-Williams ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Flat
  • Hollow Metal Doors, Frames and Borrowed Lights
    • 2 Coats: Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Semi-Gloss
  • Exposed Ceilings
    • 1 Coat: Waterborne Acrylic DryFall Flat

Using Dry Erase Interior Paint - Who Says You Can’t Write On the Walls?

In a couple of the rooms we also utilized dry erase paint for extra functionality.

And yes, as the name indicates this kit allows paint contractors to turn nearly any painted wall into a fully-functioning dry erase surface. Write, erase, sketch, and illustrate to your heart’s content. It’s ideal for office spaces, meeting rooms, classrooms, and, of course, the YMCA.

Another Special Feature of This Painting Project

If you click through the photos above you’ll notice the huge glass windows along the ceiling. This is a fantastic way to let natural light flood the space, but it can pose challenges when it comes to painting.

In order to work smarter rather than harder, we painted the exposed ceiling and steel columns/beams before the glass was installed. This is just another example of how our construction experience and emphasis on coordination can help us avoid needlessly time-consuming situations.

This tactic also allowed the sections closest to the glass to be visibly painted from the exterior. Little details like that contribute to a more attractive aesthetic overall.

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