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New Construction Painting in Rockland, MA - Even Better than That New Car Smell!

Posted on Friday, December 12, 2014

We recently had the opportunity to apply the finishing touches to a newly-built car dealership in Rockland, MA. As a commercial painting company, we often are asked to paint new construction like this. It’s a great opportunity to help a business get off to a good start, dressed for success.

Complete Painting - Front, Back, Inside and Out

The scope of the project included both interior and exterior painting, and encompassed the offices and showroom as well as the service areas in the back.

Throughout this project our goal was universal: to work in a high-quality, precise way, meeting our customer's needs and specifications. The products and techniques we used to meet that goal, however, varied just a bit because the service environment was more industrial in nature than the offices and showroom. We used a Sherwin Williams dry-fall paint on the ceiling, for example. This terrific product is ideal for overhead painting because any excess from the sprayer dries immediately, then falls to the ground like dust. It is easily vacuumed up, keeping the work area neat, clean, and efficient.

We were very happy with how it all turned out! The property looks clean, bright, and modern, and we are completely confident that the quality products used will serve this dealership well.

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