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Have You Checked Your Office Paint Job for These Problems?

Posted on Friday, March 29, 2019

Have You Checked Your Office Paint Job for These Problems?

With the hustle and bustle of operating a business and serving customers, commercial painting maintenance is sometimes overlooked. But missing mistakes or problems with your office paint job could lower your morale and may negatively impact your bottom line.


Poor Quality Painting is Bad for Business


The quality of your office interior paint job affects your aesthetic, which impacts your employees’ comfort level in their work environment. Business writer Jacob Morgan has studied this relationship in-depth. He says, “Perhaps one of the largest factors of well-being is the physical workspace. Employees who enjoy and like the environments they are a part of will be more engaged, productive, happy, and healthy.”


If your attention to detail (like keeping paint looking bright, clean, and fresh) shows that you value your employees’ workspace, they’re more likely to value their own work.


The negative impact of poor commercial painting maintenance doesn’t stop inside the building. The quality of your business exterior paint job makes an immediate impression on your customers before they even walk through the door to do business with you.


Common Problems with Commercial Paint Jobs


To maintain a good first impression, keep an eye out for these issues with your office paint job, being sure to check both the interior and exterior of your office space.

  • Is your paint cracked or peeling? If layers of paint don’t adhere properly to one another or to the surface, moisture can creep in and cause cracks or peels in the finish.
  • Does your paint have bubbles or blisters on or under the surface? If your painting surface was too warm, or wasn’t completely dry, bubbles or blisters can appear on the surface.
  • Do you see signs of mold or mildew? Sheltered or damp walls can be home to mildew, as well as other fungus and bacteria. If previous paint jobs have not included antibacterial or antifungal components, they are more likely to grow and spread. If you find fungus or bacteria, the surface will need to be properly cleaned, treated, and dried before paint is reapplied.
  • Has your paint discolored or faded over time? Temperature and moisture fluctuations around the paint on the interior and exterior of your office can cause paint to fade.


Solve Paint Problems for Good


Don’t panic if you find problems with your interior or exterior commercial painting. It can be tempting to do DIY “patch jobs” to correct paint issues, but a professional painting contractor knows exactly how to dry, prep, and treat a surface to get to the root of the problem, correct it, beautify your finishes, and extend the life of your paint job.


Your contractor can also ensure that any painting maintenance you need is done with your employees’ health, safety, and productivity in mind. They can help you explore your options for antimicrobial and antifungal paints and finishes, ensure workers are not subject to fumes, and plan projects with you for dates and times that don’t interfere with your doing business.


Working with Kaloutas means your office painting project gets done – inside and outside – with a zero-work-stoppage guarantee. We can help you make a plan to keep your office looking great. Request a commercial painting estimate, or give us a call to get answers to all your project questions.

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