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Operations Checklist: Keeping Your Industrial Floors 100% Safe and Durable

Posted on Monday, March 04, 2019

Operations Checklist: Keeping Your Industrial Floors 100% Safe and Durable

Maintaining industrial flooring is critical to promoting employee safety and producing a quality product. But how do you know if your building maintenance team has the skills and resources necessary to meet your industry best practices?

Know What Your Industry Requires

As with other workplace health and safety standards, what you must do to maintain, protect, and clean your industrial floors varies according to your field and industry.  Some industries require oil-resistant or chemical resistant flooring. For others (health care, food production or packaging, etc.), antimicrobial treatments for all surfaces (including flooring) is necessary.

Whatever your industry requires, it is essential to integrate flooring guidelines into any project plans for changes and renovations, as well as your overall facility preventive maintenance plan.

Expert Recommendations for Industrial Floors

Going above and beyond when it comes to installing, cleaning, and maintaining your industrial flooring is a great investment in your business. Make sure your building operation team considers:


  • Epoxy Coatings: Epoxy is a safe, functional and effective coating to protect your floor from abrasions and cracks. Applications will vary, depending on existing imperfections in your flooring.
  • Sanitation: Protecting your flooring from harmful fungi and bacteria prevents it from spreading further, compromising the health of your team members, or contaminating your product.
  • Concrete Polishing and Repair: Minimizing imperfections in your industrial flooring is more than visually appealing. It reduces accidents and allows you to stop and fix flooring issues early on, before they do serious damage to your facility (or your productivity) 
  • Moisture Mitigation: Keeping damaging moisture from effectively migrating though your concrete industrial floors is essential to their structural integrity.
  • Joint Repair: If your concrete expansion and control joints break or are under threat of damage, they will not be able to sustain heavy loads. The resulting issues lead to safety risks, not to mention detracting from the aesthetic of your industrial floor.
  • Floor Cleaning: Similar to flooring installation, industrial cleaning methods for your warehouse or factory floors have unique standards and best practices. Make sure that cleaning is a part of your upkeep and maintenance plan.
  • ESD Protection: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) results from contact between your industrial flooring and volatile products or substances. Treating your floor to minimize ESD keeps everyone safer, while protecting the integrity of your product and materials.

Professional Support Without Interruptions 

There are numerous health, safety, liability, and aesthetic concerns which can be effectively addressed by thorough upkeep of your facility flooring


If your flooring has numerous cracks or worsening damage, you may need to consider an epoxy mortar resurfacer. The more proactive you can be when it comes to taking care of your floors, the less likely it is that flooring issues will undermine safety and productivity.


Your facility operations team may need guidance to ensure that your industrial flooring issues don’t contribute to human error or equipment failure. This is where a support team of painters and maintenance contractors can be especially helpful to your team.


As you search for and interview painting contractors, make your safety and productivity a priority. Be clear on the impact of painter and cleaner presence on your operations, and don’t compromise your success for their convenience.


Working with Kaloutas means your painting or maintenance project gets done with a zero work stoppage guarantee. Request an industrial flooring estimate, or give us a call to get answers to all your project questions. 

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