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Paint Your Office Building Interior Without Hurting Productivity

Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Paint Your Office Building Interior Without Hurting Productivity

Painting your office interior is an integral part of painting maintenance for your commercial or industrial space. A fresh coat of paint has a lot of benefits. It can improve mood and the overall quality of experience at work, and it makes the work environment look cleaner and more welcoming.


But there’s a big problem that a lot of building operations managers face. They know maintenance jobs and interior painting need to get done, but the last thing they want is to hurt their company’s productivity by disrupting work with a paint crew.


How Work Stoppage Impacts Productivity


Work stoppage (and the disruption it causes) is more than an inconvenience.


  • It increases stress: Your employees and teams know how they work best. A sudden change in that routine means they have to re-calibrate and re-adjust, and that takes time away from getting things done.
  • You run the risk of more errors: Errors from employees are more than irritating; they’re a threat to your liability and to the quality of your product or service. While you can’t prevent every stressor, keeping noise, disruption, and distraction to a minimum are key to lowering employee stress (and reducing resulting errors).
  • It hurts your bottom line: Whenever you stop work for projects like interior office painting, or if employees’ work suffers from an altered or disrupted schedule and work environment, it lowers your productivity, and hurts your bottom line.


The Cost of Work Stoppage


The monetary cost of a disruptive project varies widely by industry, but it’s shockingly high for both small and large businesses. As an example, let’s look at some numbers from the IT industry.


One study by Carbonite found that small business can lose as much as $427 per minute of downtime in their IT departments. Another report from Data Foundry suggests that larger businesses can incur costs from just under $1,000 to over $17,000 per minute of downtime (as of the latest data).


When one department’s productivity suffers, the performance of the entire business does, too. And most industrial and commercial painting and cleaning projects impact the workspace of multiple (if not all) departments, depending on your project scale.


Productivity or Painting?


When it comes to maintaining productivity or getting your commercial interior painting services done, you don’t have to choose. You can have both.


Find a company that works around your schedule. You don’t have to compromise to get quality work done. There are painting and maintenance companies who are willing to work late hours, holidays, or weekends to complete your project without hurting company productivity.


When choosing a Professional Painting Company, make sure they’re committed to helping you develop a project plan that aligns with your productivity goals and workspace needs for your commercial painting project. Be sure to consider work stoppage in this plan. If painters have let you down in the past, don’t leave room for costly mistakes weehen creating a project plan with your new painter.


Working with Kaloutas means your painting or maintenance project gets done with a zero work stoppage guarantee. Request an interior painting estimate for your business, or give us a call at 978-532-1414 to get answers to all your project questions.

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