Painting a Fitness Club in Kingston Around the Clock Without Breaking a Sweat

Posted on Friday, March 25, 2016

Speed, strength, endurance, determination, and meeting goals are all part of the gym experience. Well, ideally anyway. We’ve strayed from our New Year’s resolutions here and there, but that’s life, right?

Those words above do, however, describe our effort to paint the interior of a fitness club in Kingston, MA. Our painting mission came with a very, very tight deadline: complete interior painting in fewer than five days: Wednesday through Sunday.

Why the rush?

This particular club is located inside a large shopping mall. Because of the mall leasing contracts, we needed to quickly create a usable space and allow for a seamless transition between tenants.

What Did Our Work Involve? Everything From Quality Products to Lasers

Here’s a closer look at the painting products, services, and techniques that we put to work:

  • Painting the Exposed Ceiling - As you can see in the photos above, overhead is a lofty, industrial-style ceiling deck. To minimize mess and match the pace of our tight schedule, we used a dryfall paint product from Sherwin-Williams. Any overspray dries instantly, falling to the floor like dust.
  • Metal Door Frames and Columns - Because of the smooth nature of metal, it requires more specialized products for successful adhesion. In this case, we used a DTM (Direct-to-Metal) acrylic coating. It dries quickly, resists corrosion, and offers a superb finish.
  • We also painted sections of CMU (concrete block) wall. Painting masonry is a different process than painting sheetrock or metal, and it calls for unique and specialized coatings. We chose one of our favorites: Sherwin-Williams’ Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy.
  • We patched and matched the finish at the entrance to allow the new storefront to blend with the existing mall.
  • Because surface preparation is a key component of applying a durable, lasting coating, we helped with drywall repair, taping, and sanding.

For the sheetrocked walls we used a zero-VOC eggshell paint, also from Sherwin-Williams. Zero-VOC was a perfect option for this project because it’s an environmentally friendly, low-odor paint. This means that you don’t need to air out the facility before it can be used; as soon as the paint is dry, it’s ready for action.

The eggshell sheen was a purposeful choice as well. It offers some reflectivity, but it also is a rugged, washable option that can be easily touched up down the road as needed.

On another interesting note, we used a laser line to create crisp, flawless color breaks. This is just another example of creatively using technology to offer real value to our clients.

Crossing the Finish Line in Style

Thanks to our fantastic team and scheduling flexibility, we met our deadline. This fitness club is ready for use and in better shape than ever.

If you have any questions about our commercial painting services and expertise, we hope you’ll contact us at Kaloutas. We’re here to serve and are passionate about meeting our clients specific needs.

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