Refinishing Cedar Fencing and a Retaining Wall in Milford, MA

Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2016

If you follow our regular blog or social media posts, you know that most of our projects draw us into large-scale commercial and industrial painting. New construction, repurposing facilities, cavernous warehouses, lifting our painters up to lofty ceiling decks, coordinating tightly with multiple trades, and the list goes on...

This project in Milford, however, took us to a different sort of environment. A local retirement home had a couple of outdoor surfaces that were severely weathered, and we were asked to restore a protective, attractive finish before winter sets in.

This is a good strategy, and we were happy to help!

Insights on Fence Painting and Staining

Is It Too Late to Finish an Exterior Painting or Staining Project?

No! You still have time.

Major paint and stain manufacturers have developed new and improved formulas that can be applied in surprisingly cold weather without sacrificing adhesion. While the fickle nature of our New England weather can make exterior work a little more complex in later fall, it is far from impossible.

For more details, take a look at this article that focuses exclusively on wintertime painting.

Cleaning and Staining a Cedar Fence - What Did Our Process Look Like?

When we arrived, the cedar fencing was dark, weathered, and tired. That beautiful, rich cedar color was certainly long gone.

To resurrect its hidden beauty, we followed these steps:

  • We thoroughly pressure-washed the surface (this alone can create a bigger change than you might think!).
  • Next, we treated the surface with Benjamin Moore Wood Restorer 316. This non-bleach formula helps treat the scars and stains that neglected wood tends to collect, drawing out the healthy color hiding underneath the darkened surface. It also assists with removing mold and mildew among other contaminants that get in the way of refinishing.
  • Finally, we applied 2 coats of Ben Moore ARBORCOAT Semi Transparent Classic Oil Flat Finish (638) by airless spray and back-rolling.

How About Restoring the Finish On the Block Wall?

Retaining walls serve a functional purpose, but they also can add a nice visual element to a landscaped space. Our goal (in addition to refinishing the cedar fence) was to bring new life to this block wall and restore that crucial surface protection.

What did our process include?

  • First, we pressure washed the surface to provide a thorough cleaning.
  • We then applied Ben Moore’s ARBORCOAT Stain (Solid Color Matte Finish-640) via airless spray and back-rolling.

Protecting Our Environment

Containment is key during any project, as is working in a way that is respectful of both the environment and those around us.

In this particular case, we paid special attention to the landscaping, protecting it through our work habits and the products we used.

We Can Answer Your Commercial Painting and Maintenance Questions!

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