Should Concrete Sealing Be a Part of Your Floor Maintenance Routine?

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We recently completed a concrete grinding and sealing project for one of our clients that created a drastic difference in the appearance and quality of their floor. If you’d like more details about the work we did, please take a look at this article written for our sister company, Kaloutas Painting: Concrete Grinding and Sealing - Creating a Durable, Attractive Industrial Floor.

Because this is a valuable topic to consider for anyone who has concrete floors in their facility, we thought we’d elaborate a little on the concrete sealing process.

Why Seal Concrete?

Concrete comes across as being an impervious, rock-hard, indestructible kind of surface. And, in all honesty, it is definitely a versatile and rugged choice (that’s why it has been so popular for centuries!).

It is also, however, porous.

This leads us to the first benefit of using a concrete sealer:

  • Moisture-resistant - Because of its porosity, moisture (including water, leaks, chemicals, workplace spills, etc.) will seep inside your concrete surface. Especially in those areas of the country that experience freeze/thaw cycles, this can be disastrous to the integrity of the material over time. A quality sealer will help to repel moisture, creating a surface that is both more easily cleaned and longer-lasting.
  • Protection from discoloration - Those spills that can find their way onto your floor will create permanent, ugly stains as they seep deeper and deeper down. A sealer will help to keep the liquid on the surface where it can be easily removed.

  • More attractive - Providing a clean, wet look, your sealer’s appearance can range from nearly invisible to a tinted finish. It’s up to you, your stylistic goals, and the specific product that you have in mind.

  • Durability - A carefully-applied coat of sealer also offers an extra layer of protection. This is especially valuable in those commercial and industrial environments in which your floors experience a lot of wear and tear.

Are You Looking for an Industrial Flooring Professional?

At the end of the day, floor maintenance is an investment in the safety, aesthetic appeal, efficiency, and longevity of your property. We at Res-Stone Industrial Flooring take all of the above seriously! It would be a pleasure to discuss your specific flooring needs, and then build and implement a service strategy that will exceed your expectations. Why not call us today?

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