Stylish Paint and Vinyl Wallcoverings in Weymouth - Completing an Office Fit-Out

Posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Putting a modern face on a busy business space...

We recently were invited to help complete two office fit-outs and a common area renovation for a client in Weymouth. The building itself is massive, holding multiple rented office spaces for a variety of tenants. Since the other spaces throughout the property were occupied, we worked in a way that was respectful of their operations while quickly preparing this area for the new tenants waiting to move in.

Let’s take a brief look at the work we completed, diving into the specifics of why these products and practices are so beneficial.

Painting, Installing Vinyl Wallcovering, and Adding Durable Floor Paint

We used Sherwin-Williams’ ProMar 200 paint, selecting an eggshell for the walls and a flat sheen for the ceiling. The benefit of this paint in particular is that it is zero-VOC, carrying little to no odor. This is especially beneficial for a quick turnaround time like we were working with here. Fresh, new paint should be a visual experience only, not something you smell too.

For the doors/frames and stairwell assemblies we use Sherwin-Williams’ Pro Industrial Enamel. This product is tough, resists chipping, and holds onto its color and level of gloss very well.

So, how about the floors? Well, we used Armorseal Treadplex from Sherwin-Williams for the mechanical room floors and the stair landings. It’s a durable coating that is ideal for busy, abrasive environments. It can easily handle a steady stream of foot traffic.

We also added a vinyl wallcovering. Let’s take a look at that more closely below.

Why Use a Vinyl Wallcovering?

As you can see in the slideshow above, the wallcovering we installed covered a two-story foyer. A quality product (this one was from DL Couch) offers a textural and stylistic break from paint, adding an attractive element to the space. Vinyl options are also easy to keep clean, making them ideal for places like this where there will be a steady flow of people walking by.

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