U-Haul Storage Unit Painting in Danvers, MA - Bringing Peeling Paint Back to Life!

Posted on Friday, November 14, 2014

If there is one thing you can count on here in New England, it’s that your exterior paint is in for a rough ride. Our frigid winters bring snow, sleet, ice, and the damage that comes from freeze/thaw cycles (thanks to those occasional teaser days of warmth!), and our summers bring high temperatures that the south would be proud of.

Because of this, your exterior paint and maintenance is crucial, helping to eliminate issues before they grow into larger and larger problems. And, in the case of commercial clients, rough exterior paint not only detracts from the professional look of a building, but it also reduces the image and clarity of your branding.

Commercial Exterior Painting

We were recently asked to paint the outside of a U-Haul storage unit facility in Danvers, MA. Paint adhesion issues had these buildings literally in tatters. What once were bright, crisp, attractive lines and patterns had a sort of half-melted look to them, creating a worn and tired effect. 

We got to work with Smart Strip Pro to remove all of the peeling paint so that we could then prime and repaint the the buildings. As we did, we had two factors to keep in consideration: the first was to make sure that the chemical stripper we were using didn’t find its way into the drainage system, or onto the vegetation around the facility. Respect for the environment in which we are working is very, very important to us at Kaloutas.

Secondly, we needed to be sure to work around the needs of U-Haul’s clients as they came and went. This is a storage facility after all! We are always careful to not treat a jobsite simply as “our worksite,” but someone else’s property where we have been invited. This keeps our presence in perspective, and is why we are careful to not disturb the operations of any facility at which we’re working.

For this project we used Smart Strip Pro (paint stripper), Sherwin Williams BondPlex (primer), and Sherwin Williams Sher-Cryl (high performance acrylic paint). And, they served us well! Take a look at the pictures we’ve included and see for yourself what a difference a quality, exterior painting project can make!

Do You Need a Commercial Painting Company?

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