Urethane Cement - Thermal Shock Systems

Posted on Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Urethane Cement - Thermal Shock Systems

If rooms in your warehouse, processing plant, or manufacturing facility are normally kept at cool or moderate temperatures, cleaning those rooms with hot water or steam will cause thermal shock.

Why You Need Urethane Shock Systems

Consequences of Thermal Shock

Thermal shock brings consequences that cause extensive damage to industrial floors. Your epoxy coatings being plastic will expand and contract much faster than the concrete they are stuck to in response to the sudden and significant temperature changes caused by high-temperature water or steam cleaning. When that happens, your flooring will be damaged by:

  • Cracking

  • Delamination

If you’ve noticed any of this flooring damage after industrial cleaning services, urethane cement systems will better protect your flooring and prevent downtime, slippage, and other hazards.

Industries That Benefit from Thermal Shock Systems

While many industries benefit from thermal shock urethane cement systems, our clients in food service, food processing, brewery, distillery, and agricultural facilities have been particularly impressed with our results. 

Improper floor selection using epoxy coatings in a thermal shock environment will mean costly repairs, health and safety hazards, lowered productivity, and failed inspections. Don’t risk it. Hire the industrial flooring company trusted across New England. 

Our preventative approach to facility maintenance means we have a proactive outlook that protects your investment in your business.

We work with our clients year-round to help them maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency. We also specialize in industrial cleaning. 

Our teams clean thermal shock flooring systems with industry-approved techniques that protect them from distortion and damage, and preserve the longevity of your coatings.

Our industrial flooring credentials include:

  • Certified FloRock installers

  • Certified Dur-A-Flex installers

  • Certified Protective Industrial Polymers installers

  • Certified polished concrete contractors

  • Certified Sikafloor installers

  • Certified RetroPlate Contractor

  • Over 30 years of direct flooring system experience

Your flooring is the basis for all your business. Protect it with urethane cement thermal shock systems by Kaloutas. Request your thermal shock system estimate today.

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