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What Dust Proofing Your Floors with Concrete Polishing Adds to Your Facility Maintenance

Interior floor with concrete polishing What Dust Proofing Your Floors with Concrete Polishing Adds to Your Facility Maintenance

Floor­care can make up a big chunk of your over­all facil­i­ty main­te­nance. After all, if your floors are in rough shape, the rest of your oper­a­tions will suf­fer, and your peo­ple will be at greater risk of slips, trips, and falls. Invest­ing in a dust proof floor coat­ing for your facil­i­ty helps mit­i­gate these risks while also serv­ing your facil­i­ty in sev­er­al oth­er ways. Con­crete pol­ish­ing is one of the best solu­tions for achiev­ing these dust-free floors. Let’s go over how dust proof­ing your floors via con­crete pol­ish­ing can ben­e­fit your facil­i­ty main­te­nance protocols.

Ben­e­fits of Dust Proof­ing Floors with Con­crete Polishing

Spend Less Time and Ener­gy Clean­ing Floors

Dust is found in every type of facil­i­ty, and grav­i­ty ensures that it always ends up on floors. Reg­u­lar sweep­ing and mop­ping are meant to elim­i­nate the pres­ence of dust before it builds up too much, but these efforts require time and resources to com­plete each and every day. While it’s still impor­tant to clean con­crete pol­ished floors on a reg­u­lar basis, their inher­ent resis­tance to dust min­i­mizes the time and ener­gy it takes to keep dust at bay. Over time, these sav­ings real­ly add up, allow­ing facil­i­ty man­agers to take care of more press­ing mat­ters with­out sac­ri­fic­ing the clean­li­ness, appear­ance, and safe­ty of their floors.

Increase Floor Dura­bil­i­ty and Longevity

Pol­ished con­crete floors pro­vide many more advan­tages than just dust resis­tance, of course. Many facil­i­ties opt for con­crete pol­ish­ing and restora­tion to make their floors more durable. Indeed, when prop­er­ly installed, con­crete pol­ished floors offer supe­ri­or strength and flex­i­bil­i­ty. Addi­tion­al­ly, pol­ished con­crete floors won’t peel or chip over time, which trans­lates to few­er repairs and restora­tion projects down the line. Heavy-duty floors like this are espe­cial­ly impor­tant in high-traf­fic facil­i­ties that deal with large, heavy equipment.

Avoid Long Cure Cycles After Installation

Con­crete pol­ish­ing is one of many options for pro­tect­ing and enhanc­ing facil­i­ty floor­ing. Epoxy con­crete paint is com­mon­ly applied to floors to help pre­vent crack­ing, improve appear­ances, and aid with over­all main­te­nance. How­ev­er, coat­ings such as these can take a long time to dry and cure – after appli­ca­tion, it may take sev­er­al weeks or longer before these floors can be used once more. Con­crete pol­ish­ing doesn’t require these long cure cycles. After con­crete pol­ish­ing con­trac­tors have com­plet­ed their work and cleaned up, the new­ly pol­ished floors are already ready to use, keep­ing down­time to a minimum.

Keep Your Facil­i­ty Bright and Energy-Efficient

Last­ly, con­crete pol­ish­ing and restora­tion results in bright, glossy floors. In addi­tion to mak­ing your facil­i­ty look clean­er and more vibrant, this sheen makes your facil­i­ty more ener­gy-effi­cient. Sim­ply put, the more reflec­tive your floor­ing, the more effec­tive your inte­ri­or light­ing. It requires less ener­gy to ade­quate­ly light a room with glossy floors than it does to light one with dark, dirty floor­ing. Plus, the more vis­i­ble your facil­i­ty is, the safer it is for every­one inside. If you’re look­ing to cut down ener­gy costs, then con­crete pol­ish­ing is one of many ways to do so.

Find­ing Con­crete Solu­tions to Facil­i­ty Maintenance

Every type of floor­ing requires some degree of main­te­nance, but pol­ished con­crete floors require less inten­sive main­te­nance than most oth­er options. More­over, the added dura­bil­i­ty, decreased down­time, and increased vis­i­bil­i­ty afford­ed by con­crete pol­ish­ing helps a facility’s bot­tom line. At Kaloutas, we’re com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing our clients with the longest-last­ing and most effi­cient facil­i­ty main­te­nance solu­tions, which is why we offer dust proof con­crete pol­ish­ing ser­vices. To learn more about us and all that we do, con­tact us online or give us a call at 9785321414 today!

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