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Working at Kaloutas: Why Fancy Resumes Don’t Impress Us

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2019

Working at Kaloutas: Why Fancy Resumes Don’t Impress Us

When hiring painters and flooring professionals, Kaloutas focuses on professional development above all else. Why? It’s a great investment in our business, and it’s the right thing to do.

After all, if we train an employee who leaves Kaloutas to do great things, we have developed another business leader. And if they stay on, they do more and more great work for their teammates and our customers.

While skills and experience are considered, fancy resumes are not what clinches our decision to hire a new candidate.

A Focus on Growth and Excellence

Developing talent through a growth mindset is all about seeing the potential every candidate brings to the table. If someone comes to us with what they believe is a fully developed set of skills and experience, there’s no room for growth. But if they are eager to grow and excited to learn as they build their career, we are more than willing to invest in their success. After all, the growth of every employee strengthens our team and enables us to provide even better service to our commercial and industrial painting and flooring clients.

Kaloutas Professional Development Opportunities

According to a report by Entrepreneur, companies that invest in their employees have higher employee satisfaction, provide better quality customer service, and outperform similar organizations by as much as 200%.

Along with helping you provide for your family, working with Kaloutas means you have many opportunities for education and professional development, including:

  • Kaloutas University (KU): KU is more than orientation. Our courses in painting techniques and management are available year-round to help you learn more, do higher-quality work, and look forward to the next step in your career.
  • Field Leadership Program (FLP): In the Kaloutas Field Leadership program, our employees gain new knowledge from experts in painting, flooring, industrial cleaning and more. FLP helps you define your path to becoming a site leader, or working in a painting and flooring company office. You’ll learn “the business side” of our industry, including conversion math (to determine how much paint you need for a job), production rates, and how to calculate and provide a painting and flooring estimate.

In addition to our innovative professional development programs, working with Kaloutas means every job you work on will be completed with utmost attention paid to maintaining your health and safety on the job.

Plus, you’ll receive training consistent with industry leadership in commercial and industrial painting, cleaning, and flooring installation.

Kaloutas is Always Hiring

A career with Kaloutas means you are working with a company who cares about their people, values their customers, and believes in rewarding grit and determination. Whether you’ve been wanting to become a painter, learn resinous flooring system installation, or develop your painting knowledge into a supervisory role while working in the trades, we have opportunities waiting for people with the right attitude.

Benefits of working with us include competitive pay, Health and Dental Insurance, 401(k) and Long-Term Disability, plus vacation, holiday time, and opportunities for bonuses.

Interested in finding a great position that will grow with you? We are always hiring throughout New England. Browse the Kaloutas careers page today!

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