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8 Facility Safety Hazards & How to Resolve Them

At Kaloutas we take safety seriously. We go above and beyond with employee safety training, certifications and equipment to ensure our staff is protected on the jobsite. We hope you value workplace safety as much as we do, which is why we wanted to point out 8 of the most common facility safety hazards and help you avoid them.


Put a Stop to These 8 Safety Hazards

Falls- Workplace falls are commonplace and sometimes deadly. Avoid them by ensuring all your safety equipment is up to code and your railings are properly painted and maintained. Take a look at our facility maintenance plans to see how we can help.


Fires- Fires break out for any number of reasons. The key lies not only in fire prevention, but in being prepared as well. Clear exit strategies, floor striping and fireproof coatings can save lives and prevent extensive damage.


Chemical Hazards- From commonplace cleaning products to industrial and lab chemicals, chemical hazards can be prevented with proper training and safety gear. Ensure your employees are protected with a clear understanding of the chemicals they’re working with.


Poorly Maintained Machinery- When industrial machinery isn’t cleaned regularly or properly maintained, it becomes a hazard to everyone in the building. With regular industrial cleaning and degreasing from Kaloutas you can drastically reduce this common workplace hazard.


Inadequate Training- They say that knowledge is power, and we would add that knowledge is safety as well. Each workplace is unique, so ensure your employees and staff are extensively trained about the chemicals, machinery and processes they are working with.


Biological Hazards- You don’t have to work in a high tech lab or farm to come into daily contact with biological hazards. If you work with people, you work with germs, not to mention mold. Ensure your facility is equipped with handwashing stations, and is regularly cleaned and inspected.


Clutter & Disorganization- Overstacked boxes and obstructed walkways can result in fatal conditions in the event of a fall or an emergency. Ensure your facility is well organized with clearly marked walkways and bins, check out our striping paint services to learn more.


Stress & Ergonomic Hazards- Stress leads to mistakes and poor working conditions lead to injury. Adequate lighting, fresh paint and ergonomic interventions can boost morale as well as your bottom line.


Commercial Painting & Safety Services From Kaloutas

Safety Matters To Kaloutas

We want to send our employees home safely at the end of each day; check out the thorough and thoughtful safety measures in place on a Kaloutas job site.


Facility Maintenance

Our facility maintenance team can help you spot hazards before they become an issue - click here to learn more about our facility maintenance services.


Safety Painting Services

Painting isn’t all about aesthetics, it can enhance the safety of your Greater Boston facility as well. Learn more about what safety painting can do for your workplace.

How Can We Improve The Safety of Your Facility?

Through facility maintenance and services from Kaloutas we can work alongside you to enhance the safety of your New England industrial or commercial space. Call us today at 978-532-1414 to schedule an estimate with our professional painters or click here to set it up online. With locations in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts our team is ready to serve you.

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