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Architectural Caulking

Architectural caulking is essential for facility maintenance. If you don’t keep up with a facility maintenance plan, you could experience an unsafe, dirty workplace with a high staff turnover and liability issues. 

Kaloutas knows how to implement commercial caulking services around your schedule so that you can keep your facility safe and clean while running your business as usual. 

What Can Architectural Caulking Do for My Business?

Architectural caulking isn’t just for sealing cracks and holes in your commercial facility exterior. It can also:

  • Keep moisture damage at bay

  • Stop pest intrusion

  • Save on heating and cooling bills

  • Stop small issues from getting bigger

Moisture Mitigation

Maintaining your facility’s caulking is imperative to mitigate water and moisture damages to your flooring, siding, paint, equipment, and more. If your facility has mold issues, you will experience:

  • Loss of foundational integrity - Cracks and holes in the building itself.

  • Reduced Air Quality - Mold and bacteria will produce airborne particles that contain allergens and chemicals.

  • Sicker employees - When your staff is breathing in these pollutants, they will take more sick days, which means higher labor costs.

  • Lower morale - Poor working conditions, unhealthy air quality, and missed work resulting in poor company culture, lost productivity, and employee turnover.

When you keep up with moisture mitigation, it reduces mildew and mold buildup, which creates a safer, cleaner place to work. But luckily, you can do something about moisture intrusion even before it happens by sealing your building with architectural caulking. Enjoy a protected building inside and out, so water, pests, and other environmental hazards never enter your commercial facility to begin with. Your employees and customers will notice a difference, helping your bottom line.

Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

Not only does architectural caulking save you money in the long-run by reducing issues, it can save you money as soon as it’s installed. By better sealing your walls, windows, and doors, heat or air will be less likely to sneak out, resulting in a more consistent environment for you, your staff, and customers to enjoy. 

Whether you’re heating or cooling an entire warehouse floor or smaller office building, architectural caulking can help make small changes that will save you big time in the future. 

Protect Your Assets

Not only will your people and equipment be better protected, your other assets will reap the benefits of a more stable environment as well. You’ll see fewer equipment malfunctions since your facility’s assets will be kept at optimal temperatures. But the pros don't end with the equipment you see and use every day. Without excess moisture, heat, or cool temperatures, even your plumbing, and other behind-the-scenes assets will have fewer issues. By caulking your pipes, you can catch small issues to avoid catastrophic mishaps from happening. If you don't properly install architectural caulking, you could experience long shutdowns and loss of productivity while the significant issues are repaired. Don’t wait for that to happen. Call a trustworthy, well-equipped contractor today.

Work with Us!

The experienced professionals at Kaloutas know the exact type of architectural caulking to use for your business and how it can best serve your commercial facility. We have the most up-to-date caulking tools, trained professionals, and will work on your schedule so that you can enjoy our zero work stoppage guarantee. Contact us today to get started on your facility’s caulking maintenance plan!

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