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5 Maintenance Tips for Your Greater Boston Property

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring is here, summer is around the corner, and commercial property maintenance is in full swing here in the Greater Boston Area.

Proactive, knowledgeable maintenance is always crucial, but especially here in New England where our wild weather and temperature extremes put every surface to the test.

As you put together a plan for protection and enhancement, here are a few items you definitely should consider.

How Many of These Items Are On Your Springtime Maintenance List?

  • Exterior Painting - Even if a full repaint isn’t necessary, maintenance painting will keep your facility’s finishes strong, healthy, and looking their best. Ongoing care also helps your paint and coatings last longer, and lessens the labor-intensive prep work needed to resurrect neglected surfaces. A little TLC is the most cost-effective strategy you can employ.
  • Pressure Washing - Winter leaves a mark, and this often includes an unattractive residue on your siding, walkways, hardscapes, parking lots, and community spaces. Professional pressure washing removes any corrosive buildup, restoring a fresh look and prolonging the life of your exterior paint.
  • Caulking - As you check your exterior paint, take the time to ensure that all caulking around windows, doors, and joints is in good repair. Cracked, brittle caulk can lead to moisture intrusion, pests, premature decay, and lost efficiency. If your property is tilt-up construction with concrete panels, it’s extremely important to check the caulk between those panels as well.
  • Rust Removal and Encapsulation - Here in Greater Boston (and all of New England), our metal surfaces are constantly doing battle with corrosion. Rather than wait until a problem can’t be ignored, invest in routine rust removal, encapsulation, and industrial painting. This needs to be completed indoors as well! For a real-life example, take a look at this project we completed in Seabrook, NH, last year.
  • Concrete Repair - Worn, damaged flooring poses a threat in a commercial environment. Not only is it a hazard during your everyday operations, but damage is also not a static event - it continues and grows, even if you don’t immediately realize it. Invest in professional floor repair and treatment before the problem accelerates.

Industrial-Grade Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your garage or basement.

On a commercial and industrial scale, cleaning and degreasing provides several key benefits:

  • Assists with maintaining safety and health standards
  • Allows for easier equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Reduces workplace hazards
  • Proactive cleaning and care reduces the risk of damage and decay

The first step this spring is to align yourself with an experienced commercial and industrial maintenance professional. The team here at Kaloutas is ready to serve you - contact us today with your questions and maintenance goals.

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