Commercial Flooring Options for Breweries

Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2014

Commercial Flooring Options for Breweries

Just as with any food or beverage production environment, we know that you need the flooring in your brewery to be tough, reliable, and sanitary. After all, it experiences a lot of wear and tear, and those inevitable spills and leaks can lead to trapped bacteria.

So, what exactly are your flooring options?

We’ve put together a few for you to consider!

Ideal Flooring for Your Production Facility

  • Epoxy Floor Coating - As we’ve discussed in a previous blog (check it out here), epoxy coatings are easily applied, tough as nails, and resist moisture. As an added bonus, they can be customized to meet your stylistic needs too.
  • Concrete Polishing - This rugged, sanitary surface enjoys increased breathability because of the polishing process. This translates to not only a bright, fresh appearance, but also lower moisture retention and, of course, less chance for hiding bacteria and mildew.
  • Stained Concrete - Treating your concrete surface in this way holds a lot of options for customized style, but it also creates an easily-cleaned, durable floor.
  • Antimicrobial - If a floor could have superpowers, this would be the option that has a cape in its closet. The surface is seamless and nonporous, but on top of that there are additives included that prevent the growth of any contaminants. This is a powerful flooring system!

Consult a Flooring Expert!

One definite way to determine exactly the right option for you is to talk with a flooring expert. Here at Res-Stone Industrial Flooring, we have years of experience lining up client needs with exactly the right product to make their lives just a little easier. And, with our practiced installation methods, we can make short work of your flooring transformation. Why not contact us today?

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