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Does Your Commercial or Industrial Facility Maintenance Plan Include Reliable Documentation?

Posted on Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Does Your Commercial or Industrial Facility Maintenance Plan Include Reliable Documentation?

It’s a worst nightmare scenario for building operations managers: a leaky roof damages  an otherwise spotless paint job, causing you to halt work and call for repairs to the roof, the ceiling, and damaged equipment. Come to find out, it was called in to maintenance weeks ago and the whole thing could have been prevented. This is just one of many problems you could face if your otherwise comprehensive facility maintenance plan has poor documentation systems.

What to Know About Maintenance Documentation

What Might Cause Poor Maintenance Documentation?

There are a number of things that could be problematic when it comes to your maintenance documentation system, from the mundane to the technical (or lack thereof). In taking time to evaluate how you do things on your business or industrial site, you may discover:

  • Employees and other team members don’t notice or report issues right away: No one would intentionally neglect an obvious maintenance issue. But sometimes issues are lurking below the surface, or are not as noticeable to people who aren’t trained in their detection. It’s also possible that employees will notice something amiss, but forget to report it amidst their regular daily responsibilities.
  • Your documentation system is outdated: If your maintenance documentation system isn’t boosted by adequate technology (or any technology at all) an inordinate amount of time may be wasted making requests and tracking their completion.
  • Your team falls into a “set it and forget it” mindset: After completing a painting maintenance project or equipment repair, it’s natural to think that the job is done and the problem solved – and then go about your business. This is true especially when you have a lot of support tickets to get through. But the truth is, facility maintenance needs ongoing attention in order to prevent more complex problems, health and safety hazards, and equipment damage over time.
  • Communication is overcomplicated: This is the opposite problem to under-reporting issues. You may have multiple contractors (or a large number of employees) moving in and out of your business or industrial site throughout the day, Maybe some have access to your in-house maintenance system and some don’t. Maybe you have different point people for industrial flooring upkeep than you do for on-site cleaning jobs. Whatever the case, finding where the communication breaks down in your maintenance documentation process is essential to solving the problem permanently.

Recommendations for Improved Facility Maintenance Documentation

If you’re looking for ways to level up your facility maintenance documentation, here’s what we suggest:

  • Consider technology as a way to streamline the process: What you choose depends on your industry, your budget, and your existing company structure. But there are ways to integrate your maintenance documentation into your business IT. You could also use a digital request management tool.
  • Encourage employees and team members to check for issues in their work area: Doing weekly checks (and submitting tickets for any maintenance requests after the checks are done) may be a good way to keep maintenance concerns front-of-mind.
  • Schedule regular walkthroughs: Scheduling periodic walkthroughs where everything on your plan is checked is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Make sure that these checks are scheduled at intervals that are appropriate for your industry and your manufacturing process.
  • Be selective with your contractors: When it’s time to work with a contractor, choose someone who can meet as many of your facility maintenance needs as possible. Keeping the number of “cooks in the kitchen” to the minimum necessary to get the job done right also decreases the possibility of poor communication. Whoever you decide to work with, be sure to share your complete facility maintenance plan with them so they can help you stay on track with regular cleanings, walkthroughs, and equipment checks.

Working with Kaloutas means streamlining your facility maintenance and communicating clearly with your contractors. We can help you update your facility maintenance to reflect your new documentation strategies.

At Kaloutas, we’ll keep your business or manufacturing safe and industry-compliant by making sure you never miss a cleaning or walkthrough. And we can do it all with a no-work-stoppage guarantee so that your productivity never takes a hit. Ready to get things done? Request your maintenance evaluation today.

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