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Why Service-Focused Industrial Painting and Industrial Flooring Companies Are More Successful

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2019

Why Service-Focused Industrial Painting and Industrial Flooring Companies Are More Successful

Quality counts with commercial painting. Whether you’re in the aerospace sector, manufacture firearms or ammunition, or you operate an up-and-coming brewery, it pays to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an industrial painting company to service your facility. A service-focused industrial painting company will be far more successful in completing the project on time and on budget, with a minimum of disruptions for your facility and staff. How does a service-focused firm achieve better results?


The Benefits of Being a Service-Focused Company

Your Facility and Your Needs


Service-focused commercial painting contractors are able to adapt to your facility and your unique hygiene needs. For instance, the company’s painters will work while wearing hairnets, lab coats, and other hygiene-related equipment to ensure compliance with your needs.


Other facilities might require a greater focus on safety awareness. The right painting company will be able to provide exactly the level of awareness necessary. A perfect example of this would be ammunition manufacturing firms. Obviously, safety is a major consideration when it comes to firearms and ammunition. Something as seemingly simple as painting can compromise safety in these facilities. A reputable painting company can provide ESD(electrostatic dissipative) coating controls to prevent the buildup of static electricity, inhibiting the potential for sparks that would cause damage to the company’s product or endanger the safety of anyone working within the facility.



Your Productivity Continues

Another benefit of working with a service-focused industrial painting company is that you are able to remain productive. With some companies, it might be necessary to shut down large portions of a facility – or even an entire facility – for the duration of the project. This requires that you sacrifice productivity and customer service in the name of progress in painting or repainting. However, service-focused painting companies will be able to construct fire retardant space containment so that their team can progress on the painting while your facility operates as normal with zero work stoppage.


Customized to Your Unique Requirements


All too often, painting and industrial flooring services take a one-size-fits-all approach. They offer their services on their terms and give little thought to the impact on their clients. Service-focused industrial painting companies take a bespoke approach to each and every job. They customize their processes to your unique requirements. For instance, the right company will be able to arrive before operating hours if needed or work after your facility has closed down, if that is required. Of course, a reputable painting company will also work during your hours of operation using containment strategies.


Making Your Decision


A focus on service is a vital consideration when choosing between industrial painters. However, there are other areas of consideration. For instance, does the firm you’re contemplating offer the range of services you need? Industrial painting can include a wide range of specialties and not all painting companies can offer each of them.


Do you need environmental coatings in your facility? Perhaps you require fireproof/intumescent coatings? Is low - VOC paint a requirement? Do you need multi-color coatings? Do you need painting within a confined space or painting of equipment? The right painting company can offer all of these services and many more.



In addition to service areas, expertise, and a dedication to going the extra mile to work in your house and play by your rules, it’s good to pay attention to other factors when choosing a painting provider.


Does the company have a good reputation? What are past clients saying about the company, their team, and what it’s like to work with the firm? It is important to delve into client feedback and to go beyond testimonials on the company’s website. Ask for references and then make sure to follow up and contact those references. Ask if the company completed the project on time and on budget. Ask if the project was completed with a minimum of disruption to the client’s operations or if the client would hire the painting company again if they required additional painting services.


At Kaloutas, we are proud to take a service-focused stance to all our clients’ needs and to offer a wide range of essential services without stopping work. Contact us today for a painting or flooring estimate, or give us a call at 978-532-1414 to learn more.

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