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Commercial Interior Painting with a Tight Deadline in Watertown, MA

Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Our client, the manager of this commercial property in Watertown, had just a little over a month to transform the facility for an incoming tenant.

The existing brick, walls, and ductwork in particular needed to be covered by inviting, brighter color, ideal for a modern work environment. From outlying private offices to the massive central space, the vibe had to match the needs and culture of a leader in healthcare IT services.

What Was the Scope of Our Commercial Painting Work?

  • Exposed Ceiling Deck - The fresh white helps with light reflectivity, keeping the entire office bright, cheerful, and clean
  • Interior Brick Painting
  • GWB Walls
  • Doors & Frames
  • Structural Joists
  • Exposed Ductwork

As you can see in the pictures above, we added multiple accent colors to the predominantly white palette. This contributes to the modern, vibrant aesthetic.

How Did We Meet the Tight Deadline?

Our team here at Kaloutas is very solution-oriented. We specialize in meeting complex or unique deadlines, even when the work includes coordinating with other trades. In some cases, we even complete the work while a facility is fully-operational, molding our schedule to meet the contours of our client’s.

This is made possible by our large workforce of in-house, dedicated employees. Painting nights, weekends, and even holidays is routine, when necessary.

In this case, we worked the second shift and weekends to meet the tight deadlines of our Watertown client. It was our pleasure to make sure the space was completely ready and looking better than ever.

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