Commercial Painting After Hours in Cambridge, MA

Posted on Friday, March 10, 2017

It has been our pleasure to paint in every Whole Foods Market in New England.

Every single one.

We’ve coordinated with marketing departments to update wall colors (sometimes changing them multiple times to match revised graphics), helped with major remodels, collaborated with the schedules of department managers, and more. It’s always a privilege to be called back!

In this case, we were asked to totally transform the hot bars and salad bars in their Cambridge location.

Does Your Commercial Painter Work After Hours?

One of our goals here at Kaloutas Painting is to alleviate our clients’ burdens. Commercial and industrial projects involve a huge number of moving parts and factors to consider; we want to be a stable, reliable ally that makes the process that much simpler.

What did that look like in this situation?

Because our client is a busy supermarket, we worked after hours to finish our work, ensuring that we wouldn’t impact their operations in any way.

We also worked under our own supervision, cleaning up the workspace entirely in time for the store to open and patrons to start using the space.

How Do You Paint Salad Bars and Hot Bars?

  • First, we removed all of the existing signs and graphics from the sides of the cases.
  • Next, we cleaned and sanded the surfaces thoroughly to create a receptive profile for the primer and paint.
  • We applied primer (more on this below!).
  • We then applied a pre-catalyzed, waterbased epoxy from Sherwin-Williams, tinted to perfectly match the color of an existing graphic.

Painting a laminated surface poses a potential paint adhesion issue. It’s a tough material to grip onto! Because we wanted the new finish to really endure (not just look good for a while), we used a bonding primer specifically formulated to adhere to slick surfaces. Insl-x Stix primer is the best product we’ve come across for this purpose.

Let’s Discuss Your Commercial Painting Project in the Greater Boston Area

Meeting your needs and finding creative solutions is our specialty. This kind of creativity often involves scheduling flexibility, doing whatever it takes to keep your project on-track and meet your specific deadline. Working nights, weekends, and holidays is routine for our team.

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