Creating a Modern, Industrial-Style Office Space in Westford, MA

Posted on Friday, November 11, 2016

Our client had two primary goals when they contracted us to complete their 40,000 sq ft office fit-out in Westford.

First, we needed to work within their extremely tight timeframe. This called for a team to be present six days a week, making their transformation a reality in time for their tenant’s solid move-in date.

Second, they needed a space where style meets function. From training areas to conference room, huddle rooms to employee lounge, the different aspects of the office needed to be harnessed and shaped to their needs.

Because of the variety and versatility of our services, we knew that we could confidently deliver exactly what they were looking for.

How to Modernize Your Office Space

Polishing Concrete Floors

With the right treatment and system, concrete can be the perfect option for an industrial-style office space like this one. If you aren’t sure about what polished concrete offers, or what the process includes, be sure to browse this overview.

In this case, we ground the concrete slab with our specialized equipment, honing the surface to an 800 grit “matte” finish. It’s clean, professional, low-maintenance, and carries a little bit of a reflective sheen without bearing a mirror-like polish.

Commercial Interior Painting That Looks Great and Serves a Purpose

Painting purely for the sake of style is certainly valuable. The bright, engaging splashes of color you see on the walls in the slideshow above, for example, were chosen simply to keep energy high and offer a visual break from the colder industrial touches. Bright green and orange are set off well by the concrete and dark ceiling, don’t you think?

Interior paint in an office space can also be chosen to serve strategic purposes in certain places.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • We used IdeaPaint in the conference room. This unique (and popular) product essentially turns walls into white boards, creating simple, cost-effective surfaces for communication and brainstorming.
  • There was visible sound absorption spray in the lounge area that, while serving a useful purpose, certainly wasn’t aesthetically appealing. We used a dryfall paint product to contain our process and cover the spray.
  • For the sections of GWB walls and ceilings, we chose a zero-VOC, environmentally-friendly paint that creates no odor. It’s not only a quality product, but it also is ideal for situations like these where a tight turnaround time is key and the air quality needs to be ready for action.

Commercial Fit-Out Painting Completed On-Time

All of the unique elements of this space came together beautifully, creating a stunning, modern office. It was our pleasure to help make it happen!

If you have any questions about your own industrial or commercial project, or about our services and capabilities, please contact us directly.

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