Decorative Broadcast - Color/Quartz/Vinyl/Chip/Metallic

Posted on Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Decorative Broadcast - Color/Quartz/Vinyl/Chip/Metallic

If your industrial or commercial concrete flooring has mild to moderate imperfections (such as scratches, pitting, or other wear and tear), decorative broadcast flooring is a great option for improving longevity and aesthetics.

About Decorative Broadcast Flooring

If you’re considering epoxy coatings for your commercial or industrial flooring, decorative broadcast flooring systems are a versatile epoxy resurfacer option.

Quartz, vinyl, and metallic pigments can be added to the resurfacer for a unique aesthetic. Custom color decorative broadcast options are also available.

Decorative broadcast systems are an ideal application; these are considered a high-wear system, with high durability.

Because it seals and protects your flooring,  decorative broadcast floors can be chemical-resistant and we can even make these ESD conductive floors. Caustic chemicals and other liquids rest on the surface, so any spills and drips can be easily and effectively cleaned.

Ideal Settings for Decorative Broadcast Floors

Its decorative quality makes a strong first impression in common areas frequented by customers, visitors, vendors, and clients.

Decorative broadcast flooring is typically slightly textured. This texturing protects prevents people, furniture, and equipment from slipping on your floor.

Our clients in the following industries have seen success with these strong, resilient floors:

  • Laboratory/Pharmaceutical

  • Clean Rooms/Technology

  • Food service/Cafeteria

  • Lobbies

  • Shower rooms

  • Bathrooms

Expert Decorative Broadcast Installation using proper industrial flooring techniques saves time. No costly, unplanned corrections or repairs are necessary when the job gets done right the first time.

Kaloutas has been a trusted flooring installer for commercial and industrial leaders throughout New England for decades. Our teams work when you work, according to your health and safety requirements and your security protocol. We get the job done without stopping work so you can continue doing business uninterrupted.

Get a more attractive floor in your facility, with access to facility support year-round. Get started now! Call Kaloutas for a decorative broadcast flooring estimate today.

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