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Decorative Broadcast - Color/Quartz/Vinyl/Chip/Metallic

 Decorative Broadcast - Color/Quartz/Vinyl/Chip/Metallic

If your indus­tri­al or com­mer­cial con­crete floor­ing has mild to mod­er­ate imper­fec­tions (such as scratch­es, pit­ting, or oth­er wear and tear), dec­o­ra­tive broad­cast floor­ing is a great option for improv­ing longevi­ty and aesthetics.

What to Know About Dec­o­ra­tive Broad­cast Flooring

About Dec­o­ra­tive Broad­cast Flooring

If you’re con­sid­er­ing epoxy coat­ings for your com­mer­cial or indus­tri­al floor­ing, dec­o­ra­tive broad­cast floor­ing sys­tems are a ver­sa­tile epoxy resur­fac­er option.

Quartz, vinyl, and metal­lic pig­ments can be added to the resur­fac­er for a unique aes­thet­ic. Cus­tom col­or dec­o­ra­tive broad­cast options are also available.

Dec­o­ra­tive broad­cast sys­tems are an ide­al appli­ca­tion; these are con­sid­ered a high-wear sys­tem, with high durability.

Because it seals and pro­tects your floor­ing, dec­o­ra­tive broad­cast floors can be chem­i­cal-resis­tant and we can even make these ESD con­duc­tive floors. Caus­tic chem­i­cals and oth­er liq­uids rest on the sur­face, so any spills and drips can be eas­i­ly and effec­tive­ly cleaned.

Ide­al Set­tings for Dec­o­ra­tive Broad­cast Floors

Its dec­o­ra­tive qual­i­ty makes a strong first impres­sion in com­mon areas fre­quent­ed by cus­tomers, vis­i­tors, ven­dors, and clients.

Dec­o­ra­tive broad­cast floor­ing is typ­i­cal­ly slight­ly tex­tured. This tex­tur­ing pro­tects pre­vents peo­ple, fur­ni­ture, and equip­ment from slip­ping on your floor.

Our clients in the fol­low­ing indus­tries have seen suc­cess with these strong, resilient floors:

  • Laboratory/​Pharmaceutical

  • Clean Rooms/​Technology

  • Food service/​Cafeteria

  • Lob­bies

  • Show­er rooms

  • Bath­rooms

Expert Dec­o­ra­tive Broad­cast Instal­la­tion using prop­er indus­tri­al floor­ing tech­niques saves time. No cost­ly, unplanned cor­rec­tions or repairs are nec­es­sary when the job gets done right the first time.

Kaloutas has been a trust­ed floor­ing installer for com­mer­cial and indus­tri­al lead­ers through­out New Eng­land for decades. Our teams work when you work, accord­ing to your health and safe­ty require­ments and your secu­ri­ty pro­to­col. We get the job done with­out stop­ping work so you can con­tin­ue doing busi­ness uninterrupted.

Get a more attrac­tive floor in your facil­i­ty, with access to facil­i­ty sup­port year-round. Get start­ed now! Call Kaloutas for a dec­o­ra­tive broad­cast floor­ing esti­mate today.

Kaloutas is New Eng­land’s pre­mier con­trac­tor for com­mer­cial & indus­tri­al paint­ing, floor­ing, and relat­ed ser­vices. Estab­lished in 1987, Kaloutas has become a trust­ed resource for gen­er­al con­trac­tors, facil­i­ties man­agers, and build­ing own­ers from Con­necti­cut to Maine. Our team prides itself on high qual­i­ty work­man­ship, jobs done on time & bud­get, and tack­ling com­plex projects that oth­er con­trac­tors don’t have the expe­ri­ence or resources to han­dle. Con­tact us today for a paint­ing or floor­ing esti­mate, or give us a call at 9785321414 to learn more.

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