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Eco-Friendly Paint Stripping and Brick Restoration in New Bedford, MA

Posted on Friday, May 29, 2015

We recently wrapped up a project in New Bedford that required a little extra planning and strategy because of the unique circumstances that it involved.

Our client has a space on the third floor of a five-story brick building, and within that space is 2,000 square feet of brick. While brick can be a stylish part of any property if it’s incorporated properly, this particular brick was covered in old and unattractive paint.

In short, the paint had to go.

While this is something that we routinely encounter in the course of our commercial and industrial painting services, this space required extra consideration because an office was located on the floor below and food/product storage was nearby.

This meant that we had to find a solution that didn’t involve our typical sandblasting and media removal procedures.

Removing Paint Without Fumes or Mess

Our course of action included the following steps:

  • We used a biodegradable paint remover (Dumond Chemical Peel Away 1) that is eco-friendly and free of hazardous fumes. It’s powerful too! One application can remove over 30 coats of paint. It was applied as a paste, then covered with a specialized, laminated paper that controls evaporation.
  • After the application sat for the prescribed period of time, we scraped away the paint remover and wire brushed the surface. This was, of course, after setting up a full containment system to catch the residue and debris.
  • We then used Citri-lize Neutralizer.
  • As a final step, we dried and wiped the surface completely, then added a coat of Sherwin Williams’ Siloxane Masonry Sealer to build a layer of protection for the freshly-sealed brick wall.

In the end, we were able to rid the brick of its paint and create a clean slate for our client. And, this was accomplished without nasty odors or a messy work environment. We were happy to help!

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