Epoxy Floor Coating - Why Do It?

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Epoxy Floor Coating - Why Do It?

One of the dangers of flooring is that because it’s underfoot, it’s not often on your mind, making it incredibly easy to take for granted! When you stop to think about it, though, your floor bears the weight of machinery, foot traffic, spills, scrubbing, and chemicals, just silently doing what it's supposed to.

Until there’s an issue…

Why not get ahead of the next breakdown? In reality, you can do quite a bit to protect your industrial or commercial flooring, delaying and preventing the need for larger repairs down the road.

Industrial Floor Protection

One of the most popular ways to protect your flooring is by investing in an epoxy coating. Think of it as doing for your floor what the sole of your shoe does for your foot (except that you’ll never need to pick rocks out of it): absorbs impact, protects, seals moisture out, and lets you walk around as needed without an issue.

Here are a few of the other benefits of an epoxy floor coating:

  • Can be applied over concrete, metal, and even previously coated floors
  • Easy to clean- Thanks to its nonporous nature, it’s very sanitary! This makes it just as ideal for a cafeteria as it is under an assembly line
  • Low odor - Even during this time of year when things are a bit closed up, it is a great option that won’t leave the air thick with fumes
  • Impact resistant
  • Available in a variety of colors

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