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Industrial Cleaning in Lowell, MA - What Potential Is Hiding Under Your Facility’s Dirt and Debris?

Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When our team arrived on the scene in our client’s corrugated manufacturing facility, they were immediately faced with a number of factors that would need to be dealt with.

On one hand, this 400,000 square-foot structure had gathered an incredible amount of dirt and debris, collecting especially on the available surfaces of the ceiling. At the same time, there was machinery underneath this suspended filth that needed to be protected.

This also was a living, breathing, active facility; one that couldn’t afford to be interrupted for long periods of time. Our goal was to find a way to clean and paint the ceilings while both containing the mess and sticking to the necessary timeline we had to work with.

How Do You Contain a Large-Scale Cleaning Project?

In short, with lots of plastic.

Not just any plastic, though. We created a full-containment enclosure around our work area with 4 mil, fire-retardant plastic that stretched from floor to ceiling. Within this giant bubble we also masked off and carefully covered the equipment below us, and paid special attention to the 480V busbars and the fire alarm system throughout the process.

Industrial-Grade Dirt Calls for Industrial Cleaning

We removed the dirt and debris using a combination of compressed air and cleaning agents. One agent that was particularly useful was a no-rinse, prepaint cleaner from Great Lakes Laboratories. This biodegradable product reduces labor time by not only cleaning well, but also by not needing to be rinsed before the next stages of paint and coating. This helps to streamline the process as well as create a cleaner, more receptive surface.

We Contained the Dirt and Debris, but How about the Paint?

Since containment was certainly key, we selected an oil-based, industrial dryfall paint from Sherwin-Williams.

What are the benefits of dryfall?

Well, this particular paint formula is specifically engineered to dry nearly instantaneously. This means that any overspray becomes nothing more than an easily-cleaned dust rather than a mist of actual paint.

We were able to efficiently paint the entire ceiling deck, mechanicals, and joists. As you can see in the slideshow above, this created an incredible aesthetic difference. Beyond looks alone, a lighter, more reflective ceiling also allows for a brighter and safer work environment.

We completed the project on-time, despite last-minute requests/changes made by the facility management team. It was also our pleasure to work during off-hours on the weekend so that we didn’t interfere with our client’s schedule. They were thrilled that the work could be done without a shutdown, and with our overall emphasis on quality and communication. As a result, we have been asked back to complete the rest of the ceiling throughout their facility, and we look forward to it!

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