Interior Painting for a Busy Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in Worcester

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Over the past year, we worked closely with several other trades to complete the interior restoration of a rehabilitation and nursing center in Worcester. This facility provides invaluable services and care, both short and long term, for local senior citizens.

As you might imagine, working in this environment required special consideration, coordination, and planning. The space was fully-operational at all times, with residents present around the clock, and scheduled activities and events as well.

In accordance with health and safety regulations, many of the rooms also needed to remain available for use around the clock. After all, a busy care center needs to have functional kitchens, bathrooms, and bathing areas.

Let’s take a closer look at the process and products we used.

How Can You Paint a Busy Facility without Interrupting Operations?

As we’ve mentioned before, the three “C’s” of commercial painting are essential: communication, coordination, and containment.

In this case, we worked systematically with the other trades, and also communicated and coordinated with the staff and their schedule.

Our work involved the following:

  • Removed existing wallpaper and wallcovering.
  • Repaired and sanded the walls after the covering was removed.
  • We chose a low-VOC product from California Paints for this project. The absence of volatile organic compounds made it ideal for the environment: no odor, no lingering fumes, and no chemicals compromising air quality.
  • We also applied a silver brushed accent coating from Scuffmaster.

What Else Made This Worcester Commercial Painting Project Unique?

  • After we finished each workday, we thoroughly cleaned the space, our tools, and stored all supplies in the shop area.
  • Coordination came into play again! We collaborated with the facility’s design team, applying over 30 paint colors, color breaks, and accent areas.
  • Working in occupied spaces alongside other teams involved in the remodel.

Can We Answer Your Commercial Painting Questions?

We certainly can!

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