Is Your Brewery’s Floor Antimicrobial, and Why Does It Matter?

Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Is Your Brewery’s Floor Antimicrobial, and Why Does It Matter?

We know that a lot is asked of the flooring in your brewery.

Just like you, it works hard, carries more than its share of responsibility, catches drips and spills, and probably has tasted a lot of great beer.

With all of the coatings, treatments, and customized systems available, we have to ask the million dollar question: is your floor antimicrobial? If you’re not certain, or maybe aren’t exactly sure what “antimicrobial” refers to, the information below is definitely for you.

What Is an Antimicrobial Floor?

Floors get dirty quickly. There’s no denying it. Whether it’s the tile in your kitchen catching drips, dribbles, and the occasional Cheerio, or the filth of an industrial facility, the space under your feet bears the brunt of contamination.

As unappealing as it is to consider, floors also offer countless hideouts for spilled and dropped materials. These spots are often out of the reach of cleaning products and techniques, meaning that they sit there and grow bacteria unchecked. For concrete surfaces, there is particular danger around cracks, spalls, and other damaged areas.

An antimicrobial floor system is a unique coating that includes additives specifically developed to prevent the growth of harmful microbes. It works deep within the floor in a way that even the most thorough surface cleaning simply never could.

Why Is It Important?

In short, the importance of this kind of floor treatment is tied up in one word: sanitation. Especially in food or beverage preparation facilities, it is an essential step that is often enforced by the FDA and USDA. Stopping the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria right at the source is invaluable.

What Should You Ask Your Flooring Expert?

Not every antimicrobial coating is the same, or of equal equality.

Here’s the essential question: does the system work just on the surface, or does it directly permeate the concrete slab itself?

The most effective coatings include a pre-treatment step that reaches deep into the concrete substrate. That’s when you know you’ve achieved a high level of protection.

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