Kaloutas Can Handle the Difficult Projects and Solve Complexity Issues.

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Kaloutas Can Handle the Difficult Projects and Solve Complexity Issues.

Maintaining an industrial facility is no simple task -- every room, surface, and piece of equipment must be accounted for to ensure the ongoing safety of all personnel, optimize operations, and reduce the need for costly repairs. Businesses can spend inordinate amounts of time and energy hiring multiple contractors to handle distinct projects, such as maintenance painting, flooring, sealing, cleaning, and so on. The smarter move would be to partner up with a single reliable contractor that offers all of these services with the greatest degree of professionalism. Kaloutas can handle diverse, difficult projects while solving complexity issues. 

How Kaloutas Handles Problems Well

We Have the Knowledge and Experience in Multiple Trades

Our decades of experience working in different industries have given us a deep understanding of every aspect regarding facility maintenance and improvement. We fulfill the role of professional cleaning services, professional painting services, professional maintenance providers, flooring professionals, fireproofing, caulking, containment and dust control professionals, and more -- all under a single umbrella. In other words, our teams are qualified to handle several of your facility’s needs.

We Have the Resources

The ability to provide such a broad scope of services depends on having access to the necessary personnel, equipment, and infrastructure. Kaloutas has these resources. In addition to our highly effective office staff, we have more than 80 field personnel and multiple branches spanning New England. Wherever we’re needed, our teams are outfitted with modern, high-quality equipment to boost efficiency and ensure compliance. Our customers rely on us to perform difficult tasks, such as concrete polishing and restoration, concrete joint expansion, space containment system installation, anti-corrosive equipment painting, and much more.

We Have the Clearance and Certification

Many industries and facilities are held to strict security protocols, and compliance requirements that preventative maintenance contractors must overcome to handle a given project. At Kaloutas, we solve such complexity issues by ensuring our teams are properly certified (i.e. OSHA,FDA, ISO), insured, and are properly trained and badged for the task at hand. By offering this streamlined package out of the gate, we’ve become an integral part of our clients’ operations -- a goal we’ve met many times over. These close relationships have granted us clearance to otherwise restricted areas for safe and efficient handling of various projects, and allowed us to gain a deep understanding of their business and facilities, which reduces friction and frustration. In this way, Kaloutas has essentially become an in-house partner for many companies..

We Have the Culture

Our company culture is the foundation for all we’re able to do. In addition to hiring the best people and delivering top-notch training on a regular basis, we empower our employees to make tough calls and take on new responsibilities. This level of trust and freedom encourages our people to learn more, perform better, and grow in real-time on the job. For these reasons, our people quickly become qualified to handle multiple tasks -- and anything they’re not qualified to do, they have the opportunity and support to learn how to do it.

We are Kaloutas

Whether your facility requires architectural caulking, specialty coatings, flooring restoration, industrial cleaning, fireproofing -- you name it -- Kaloutas is your go-to full-service provider. We have the knowledge, experience, resources, clearance capabilities, and culture to handle the most difficult projects. To learn more about us and all that we do, contact us online or give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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