Kaloutas Loves Cookies: Why a Positive Company Culture is Essential for Profit and Success

Posted on Thursday, May 09, 2019

Kaloutas Loves Cookies: Why a Positive Company Culture is Essential for Profit and Success

What goes into making a business truly successful and profitable in the long-term? As you can imagine, there’s no one answer. Plenty of factors play into how well a company does, including the obvious ones like delivering high-quality work and hiring exceptional people. And, one variable in this equation often goes overlooked: company culture. Whether you’re a commercial painting company or anything else, culture is crucial.

The term “company culture” may seem abstract and flowery, but in many ways it is the foundation of everything a business is and does. A negative or ill-defined company culture can lead an enterprise to ruin. On the other hand, a positive company culture can yield continual growth, trust, and profit. This is a lesson we at Kaloutas have learned over the years, so we can confidently tell you how and why a positive company culture is essential for profit and success.

The Benefits of Good Company Culture

All In It Together

Any strong culture is made up of multiple individuals with shared values working towards a common goal. When like-minded people unite in this way, they can achieve so much more than they could on their own. In a work setting, this manifests in many ways, such as increased productivity, the development of new ideas and solutions, and opportunities for education and growth.

At Kaloutas, we truly believe in the power of teamwork. We hire unique, driven individuals who are able to come together and bring out the best aspects of one another. This unity allows our company to work with more and more clients and make strides in productivity each year.

Culture is Contagious

When we focus solely on the negative, we can forget just how powerful positivity can be. A simple smile, compliment, or respectful head nod can make us feel energized and encourage us to bring that same light to others. Like a contagion, a positive company culture spreads far beyond its initial host, affecting the entire company and every entity it comes into contact with.

And, unlike a virus, this contagion is good. The family-like culture at Kaloutas has allowed us to realize high levels of employee retention, and let us grow together. Likewise, our partners and customers can’t help but feel the warmth of our culture. From industrial flooring contracts to maintenance painting jobs, we have established and maintained so many relationships over the years thanks to this environment.

Leading Towards Leadership

Finally, a positive company culture encourages upward mobility. Any business that wants to grow must invest in its employees, helping those who wish to climb the ladder of success alongside it. The more responsibilities staff members take on, the more value they bring to the enterprise.

One of our main goals at Kaloutas is education. In addition to our extensive training for new recruits, we offer unique learning programs, called Kaloutas University (KU), as well as the Field Leadership Program, which help employees learn about all aspects of the industry from veteran commercial painting contractors and other professionals. These efforts have helped lift new employees into leadership roles over time, strengthening our culture and success.

Cultivate a Positive Company Culture

Speaking from experience, a positive company culture is invaluable for every business. There are so many ways to cultivate this atmosphere. You might hold weekly luncheons, recognize birthdays, surprise your team with cookies, donuts, or other treats, etc. Nothing is too small and it all contributes to the bigger picture. If you want to know more about us, our people, and our culture, or inquire about our industrial services, contact us and give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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