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Fireproof Patching Services


What to Know About Fireproofing Services

Fireproofing Patching

Industrial fireproofing is super durable, but not invincible. Fireproofing damage happens all the time as a result of new builds and renovations since fireproof coating has to be removed to complete essential maintenance. Daily wear and tear can also degrade fireproofing over time. 

Regular facility maintenance, including industrial cleaning and surface preparation, is essential to ensure your fireproofing is always up-to-date. Removing damaged or compromised coatings completely so they can be reapplied seamlessly will improve their performance and its aesthetic appeal.

If your industrial or commercial fireproofing coating damage has left areas of your facility or equipment uncovered or unprotected, or if coatings have cracked, don’t leave your commercial or industrial facility at risk. 

Kaloutas will determine the proper material and method for patching to deliver a result that allows construction, maintenance, or standard operations to continue without delay, keeping you compliant with fire codes.

Code and Inspection Compliance

To maintain required fire resistance ratings, commercial and industrial building code compliance now requires the annual inspection and repair of all exposed sprayed fireproofing in buildings. To bring your facility up to code and achieve required fire resistance ratings, patching compounds must be tested and applied correctly and regularly as part of facility maintenance. 

Patching with unapproved or incorrect coatings creates liability, safety risks, and compliance issues. Your industrial painting and maintenance vendor should be aware of the specific fireproof coatings and intumescent paint used in your facility and must be able to customize them and test them as needed to help you stay safe and operational. 

Effective Industrial and Commercial Fireproof Patching

Kaloutas is experienced in applying customized intumescent fireproofing and fireproof patching in numerous industrial and commercial facilities.

For fireproof coatings, we use fiberglass-based, spray-applied thermal-acoustical insulation compatible with most fireproofing products, so future patching is less of a hassle. Our thermal-acoustical products are designed to deliver required insulation R-values and acoustical noise reduction in tandem with fire-resistance materials. The final result is effective, code-compliant, and aesthetically pleasing. 

We have experience applying fireproof patching to a variety of surfaces, including structural steel. 

 We know that fireproof patching should:

  • Match existing coating type and thickness

  • Meet compliance standards so you pass building inspection and keep your people, equipment, product, and facility safe

  • Get done on your schedule, and according to your safety protocol and security demands

Our teams can get it done on your schedule without stopping work or interrupting productivity. To work with a company that takes safety seriously at every level, call Kaloutas

Commercial and Industrial Fireproof Patching by Kaloutas

When a fire emergency occurs, effective commercial and industrial fireproof coatings can save lives and prevent extensive damage and loss. Kaloutas takes this responsibility to heart, making sure that our fire-resistant coatings are installed and patched properly.

Our teams will assess your fireproofing needs, including any necessary patching, choose or design a solution, and apply the correct product for your project with manufacturer support. The final result meets all code and manufacturing requirements with a visually appealing finish.

Kaloutas serves commercial and industrial facilities in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Contact us or call 978-532-1414 for your fireproof patching estimate today.

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