Keeping it Green: Ecofriendly Commercial Painting

Posted on Monday, June 03, 2019

Keeping it Green: Ecofriendly Commercial Painting

When it comes to improving and maintaining your industrial facility, you do not want to hire just any commercial painting company. Your business has certain standards, after all, and the painting service you hire should, at the very least, abide by those same standards; if not go above and beyond them.

For starters, you want your painters to use high-quality paint, work in a timely fashion, and follow safety protocols along the way. But there are many other considerations to take into account as well. As our culture becomes more environmentally-conscious, many people and companies are moving towards green solutions, including many commercial painting contractors.

Kaloutas is one such company and proud to offer eco-friendly paint solutions for all our clients. If you are wondering why this matters to us, let us explain.

Why Go Green, Anyway?

If you are skeptical or unfamiliar with the shift towards finding greener solutions, you might not be aware of its practical implications. Indeed, it turns out that there are many reasons to go green, no matter what industry you are in. Let us look at just two major benefits of keeping the environment in mind.

Worker/Customer Health and Safety

First, consider your internal operations; where your employees spend most of their time. In the manufacturing industry, workers are surrounded by machinery, chemicals, and other hazardous objects that require specific safety precautions. As it turns out, industrial paint itself, designed to maintain the interior space and equipment, can also be hazardous. It only makes sense to guard against this potential danger.

Granted, all types of paint today have become safer in general. In the past, however, most paint options contained what are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs); which, when evaporated, could cause respiratory illness and other health concerns in workers. While most modern paint companies have done their best to remove VOCs from their products, some brands are still safer than others. Kaloutas offers zero- and low-VOC paint options for all our clients.

Protecting the Bigger Picture (and Your Reputation)

Environmentally friendly paint also helps protect your local environment. It might not seem like much, but as more and more industries adopt green solutions, the outside air becomes cleaner for everyone. Why not contribute to this effort?

This mission to keep the earth clean is good in and of itself. But doing so can also yield some positive externalities for your business, namely its reputation. Customers and clients who value the environment appreciate when companies make an effort to clean up their act. If you want to gain more trust and respect in your community, investing in eco-friendly commercial painting is a great place to start.

Kaloutas Contributes to Safer Workplaces

At Kaloutas, safety is a big part of our mission, both for our workers and our clients. Our eco-conscious painting solutions, such as low-VOC paint and antimicrobial floor coating, contribute to safer, more environmentally friendly workplaces. To learn more about our green painting options and additional services, contact us and give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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