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Painting Commercial Refrigerator Cases in Jamaica Plain, MA

Posted on Thursday, February 05, 2015

As you may recall, we shared some information a little while back about an interior commercial painting project we wrapped up for Whole Foods Market in Woburn, MA. We recently were happy to be asked back to another Whole Foods location, this time in Jamaica Plain.

The last project we did for them involved using low-VOC interior paint (a product with minimal odor) so that we could work without disrupting their customers’ comfort or their staff’s operations. Our mission this time was to transform a few refrigerated cases the store had recently purchased that were white, not matching either the adjacent cases or fitting in at all with the Whole Food’s color scheme.

Overnight Painting Service

Our work began at 10 PM. Since surface preparation is a key, foundational element in any quality painting project, we started by cleaning the new cases and lightly sanding them. The next step was to prime the freshly-cleaned surface, using Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer. This particular primer is low-odor, bonds well to surfaces that are typically tough to coat, and supplies an incredibly hard film. To ensure a quality color holdout, we also tinted the primer to a shade of grey.

As a final step, we topped things off with two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Impervex Latex High-Gloss Enamel. This is a rugged product that is easily washable, also low-odor, and retains its color beautifully. Perfect for this kind of application!

Commercial Painting Success!

We were able to wrap everything up through the night, and when morning came the cases were fully dry, ready for action, and looked phenomenal (if we do say so ourselves).

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