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Industrial Cleaning and Painting in Marlborough, MA

Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2017

Here at Kaloutas, we have earned a reputation for being problem solvers, finding solutions for even the most difficult, tricky projects. We provide our team with the skills and training needed to put this solutions-oriented philosophy into action on every jobsite.

In this case, Project Manager Dustin Durkee and his team completed a particularly challenging industrial painting project for an chemical manufacturing company in Marlborough, MA.

Special Considerations Involved in the Cleaning and Painting Process

We were contracted to first completely remove a coating of black insulation from a chiller tank, then paint the tank, piping, and concrete pad.

Below are a few of the considerations we needed to navigate:

  • Extremely tight working conditions
  • Aggressive timetable
  • FOD (Foreign Object Debris) containment
  • Ensuring that all of the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment was used to keep our paint technicians safe (in this case, a respirator with OV cartridge, face shield, Tyvek coveralls, and cotton gloves)
  • Strict safety standards, tie off procedures, daily work permitting, and lockout-tagout procedures for the equipment
  • Difficult removal of the tenacious existing coating
  • Low-temperature application environment for the new products we applied
  • The need for expert product selection and application

Removing the Insulation Jacket and Mastic from a Chiller Tank

With the overarching goals and considerations outlined above, let’s take a closer look at our procedures. All of the steps below were completed within a framework of close communication and coordination with our client’s team as well.

  • Containment - Using 6 mil plastic sheets and tie-points at the ceiling, we constructed a containment system to protect both the other chiller tank and miscellaneous electrical components nearby. FOD containment is a specialty of ours - learn more here!
  • To begin the removal process of the existing insulation jacket and associated mastic, we applied a series of chemicals to loosen the bond.
  • Using a grinder, we then removed the remaining product by hand.
  • A rinseless cleaner (minimal water) was used to clean any final FOD and lingering residue.
  • Any high spots or pock marks in the tank’s surface were ground to create a smooth, flush profile.
  • We cleaned and prepped the tank and associated piping, ensuring that the surfaces met the standards necessary for the successful application of the new coating.

Ideal Industrial Products for the Tank, Pipes, and Concrete Pad

Selecting the ideal products for each surface was imperative.

Tank and Interior Pipes:

  • Primer: Epoxy Mastic Aluminum II
  • Midcoat: Macropoxy 646
  • Topcoat: Macropoxy 646

Exterior Pipes:

  • Primer: Epoxy Mastic Aluminum II
  • Midcoat: Dura-Plate 235
  • Midcoat: Dura-Plate 235

For the concrete pad we applied two coats of SW Armorseal 1000 HS, in Safety Yellow. This industrial product provides resistance to chemicals, impact, and abrasion, making it ideal for an environment like this one.

Another Industrial Cleaning and Painting Success

Project Manager Dustin told us that the client grew more impressed after every interaction they had with our team, and that is exactly what we strive for. Our hope is that our clients see us as a real resource; one that can educate, meet critical needs, and consistently exceed expectations.

If you have an industrial cleaning, painting, or flooring need here in the Boston area, contact us at Kaloutas. It would be a pleasure to serve you!

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