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Top 3 Applications for Concrete Polishing

Concrete polished floor in a facility Top 3 Applications for Concrete Polishing

In pre­vi­ous blogs, we’ve dis­cussed the many ways in which pol­ished con­crete floors can ben­e­fit your facil­i­ty. Pol­ished floors are durable, aes­thet­i­cal­ly appeal­ing, low-main­te­nance, and more. That said, con­crete pol­ish­ing might not be right for every facil­i­ty – facil­i­ties that deal with aggres­sive chem­i­cals, for instance, are bet­ter off with oth­er floor coat­ing solu­tions. Con­verse­ly, some facil­i­ties stand to ben­e­fit the most from con­crete pol­ish­ing due to par­tic­u­lar cir­cum­stances. Let’s explore the top three sce­nar­ios that should cause you to con­sid­er con­crete pol­ish­ing for your facil­i­ty floor­ing.

Top 3 Rea­sons to Con­sid­er Con­crete Pol­ish­ing for Your Facility

1. Facil­i­ties That Require Zero Work Stoppage

No one likes shut­ting down their busi­ness, even if only for a short peri­od of time. Ceas­ing oper­a­tions can become quite cost­ly, after all. Of course, some facil­i­ties deal with tem­po­rary shut­downs more often than oth­ers. If you hap­pen to run a busi­ness that nev­er (or bare­ly) turns its lights off, you have to care­ful­ly plan every repair and ren­o­va­tion to pre­vent them from inter­fer­ing with your oper­a­tions. When it comes to tra­di­tion­al floor repair and resur­fac­ing projects, this can be a prob­lem. Floor coat­ings such as epoxy or ure­thane cement can take a while not only to install but also to cure, get­ting in the way of your work­ers and cus­tomers. Con­crete pol­ish­ing solu­tions, on the oth­er hand, don’t require this extend­ed time to dry or cure. Once floors have been com­plete­ly pol­ished and cleaned up, they’re ready to use imme­di­ate­ly. So, if your facil­i­ty has areas that can­not be shut down long enough for a coat­ing sys­tem to cure, con­crete pol­ish­ing might be the opti­mal alternative.

2. Facil­i­ties with Cold Stor­age Units

As men­tioned ear­li­er, pol­ished con­crete solu­tions typ­i­cal­ly don’t do well against harsh chem­i­cals. On the oth­er hand, pol­ished floors can do quite well in extreme­ly cold envi­ron­ments – this isn’t the case for stan­dard coat­ing sys­tems. Indeed, most epoxy coat­ings can­not prop­er­ly cure in tem­per­a­tures below 40 degrees Fahren­heit. Mean­while, the con­crete pol­ish­ing process can take place in cold­er envi­ron­ments with­out issue. As such, pol­ished con­crete floors are a great choice for the cold­est areas of your facil­i­ty, includ­ing freez­ers and oth­er types of cold stor­age units.

3. Facil­i­ties with High-Mois­ture Vapor Drive

Enough mois­ture can cause major prob­lems for your facil­i­ty floor­ing, espe­cial­ly if said floor­ing is sealed with con­crete coat­ings. While these coat­ings work won­ders to pro­tect your con­crete floors from over­head mois­ture intru­sion, they won’t pre­vent water vapor from under­neath your floors from ris­ing to the sur­face and caus­ing dam­age from with­in. A state-of-the-art mois­ture mit­i­ga­tion sys­tem can help reduce this vapor dri­ve, but such sys­tems are cost­ly to install and main­tain. The good news is pol­ished con­crete floors allow the slab to breath so there is no need to be con­cerned with mois­ture mit­i­ga­tion.. They’re also supe­ri­or at main­tain­ing their glossy fin­ish over years of wear and tear.

Is Con­crete Pol­ish­ing what Your Facil­i­ty Needs?

If your facil­i­ty can’t afford extend­ed down­time, fea­tures cold stor­age units, and/​or con­tends with high-mois­ture vapor dri­ve, it could prob­a­bly use pol­ished con­crete floors (so long as said floors won’t be around abra­sive chem­i­cals on a reg­u­lar basis). And if you’re look­ing for the best con­crete pol­ish­er in the New Eng­land area, look no fur­ther than Kaloutas. Whether we’re tasked with indus­tri­al paint­ing, fire­proof­ing, floor­ing, clean­ing, caulk­ing, con­tain­ment, etc., we work the way you work to guar­an­tee zero work stop­page and the best results possible.

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