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Concrete Polishing: The Busy Facility’s Flooring Solution

One reason that many facilities across the Eastern Seaboard neglect the upkeep on their commercial flooring is because they don’t think they can afford the shutdown time needed for repairs. While many of our commercial painting projects can be done while your facility is still open, flooring projects require moving equipment and can come with a long cure time. Enter concrete polishing. Concrete polishing not only brings out the natural beauty in your flooring, it’s a low maintenance option with zero cure time.


Read on to learn more about why polished concrete floors are the busy facility’s flooring solution.

Concrete Polishing in New England

The Many Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are glossy and beautiful and can work within your budget for both money and time. Urethane and concrete epoxy flooring are great options for many commercial spaces, but when you don’t have time to allow these coatings to fully cure, concrete polishing is the ideal solution. Our team uses diamond grinding, a dust-free process that leaves you with high shine and little mess. Unlike other flooring systems, there is no multi-step process – your concrete is polished to a pristine finish in one efficient step.


Learn More About The Concrete Polishing Process

Concrete Polishing Overview

Want to learn more about the processes involved in our concrete polishing services? Click the link above to read about this versatile flooring option and check out our helpful videos detailing the many benefits of polished concrete floors.


Diamond Grinding and Concrete Repair in Worcester, MA

The concrete flooring of this facility was in bad shape when our flooring contractors arrived on the scene. There was damage, holes, and uneven patch jobs that needed to be blended and evened out before we could polish the surface as a whole. Use the link above to check out the dramatic transformation from damaged and dingy to stunning and shiny.


Beautiful Polished Concrete Floors For a New England Private School

When this Beverly, MA school was ready for a more efficient flooring solution, our team got to work so they could go back to school in style. Not only did we smooth and polish their concrete, we added a cove base to eliminate the 90 degree angles where dirt and dust like to hide.


How Can We Restore Your New England Floors?

The polished concrete contractors at Kaloutas's industrial flooring division are experts in flooring repair as well as high end finishes. Whatever the state of your concrete flooring, we have the tools and team you need to restore the structure and beauty of your foundation. Give us a call at 978-532-1414 to learn more or click here to submit your questions and estimate requests online.

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