Transforming and Sealing Exterior Brick in Chestnut Hill, MA

Posted on Monday, October 31, 2016

During the fall season our commercial and industrial clients not only begin planning interior painting and maintenance projects, but also turn an eye to the exterior as well. As we’ve mentioned before, we can paint into the colder months thanks to the availability of more advanced paint formulas that cure beautifully in lower temperatures.

Exterior painting is also an ideal way to protect your property’s surfaces before the elevated moisture and extra strain of winter weather sets in. In fact, paint is a first line of defense, and often will protect your investments from the intrusion of moisture and subsequent corrosion and decay.

As a real-life example of this, join us for a quick tour of an exterior painting project we just wrapped up in Chestnut Hill, MA.  

What to Know About Brick Painting

Two Phases, One Goal - Painting Exterior Brick with Double Deadlines

There were multiple issues working against these exterior surfaces when we first were contacted:

  • Problem #1 - There was actually interior water damage because of water creeping its way through the masonry substrate.
  • Problem #2 - The existing masonry coating had completely failed, and was just as unsightly as it was ineffective.
  • Problem #3 - The steel window frames were rusted.
  • Problem #4 - Potentially beautiful exterior mahogany was badly in need of refinishing.
  • Problem #5- A metal corrugated canopy also needed to be prepped and painted.
  • Problem #6 - Exposed joints and masonry voids needed to be caulked and painted around the doors and windows in particular.

Our client’s goal was to not only completely transform and refresh the compromised exterior surfaces, but also to restore that crucial protection we touched on above. And, with winter coming, time was of the essence.

The work was completed in two specific phases, with two deadlines in mind:

  • First, an event was scheduled that served as the deadline for all of the work below the midpoint of the building.
  • A new roof was also scheduled for installation, and that served as our second deadline for work above the midpoint.

What Products Did We Use for Painting Exterior Masonry?

Masonry is a unique surface to paint, and effective sealing and coating requires specialized products for the best results.

  • Primer - The essential basecoat was provided by Loxon Block Surfacer. In addition to creating superior adhesion for the topcoat, it also efficiently seals and fills the pores and tiny gaps in the mortar.
  • Topcoat - Loxon XP Waterproofing System is a high-build coating that applies smoothly and cures quickly. It also is highly alkali and efflorescence resistant, and provides a flexible, durable finish that will shield against wind-driven rain.

What Products Did We Use for the Corrugated Steel and Mahogany?

We primed the steel roof with KemBond HS Universal Metal Primer, and then laid down a topcoat of SherCryl HPA High Performance Acrylic.

To bring new life (and protection) to the mahogany surfaces, we used Old Master Exterior Oil-Based Spar-Marine Varnish.

How Did It All Turn Out?

At the end of the day we successfully created a functional, aesthetically-pleasing exterior that will work beautifully for our client’s needs. And, both phases of the project were finished on-time, as requested.

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