What Should You Look for in a Floor Demolition Professional?

Posted on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the key differentiator is between long-lasting industrial or commercial paint, and a finish that wears away in short order? What’s the real difference?

As important as the right products are, it all depends on how much time and skill is invested in thorough surface preparation.

The same is true for your flooring.

Patching, repair, grinding, polishing, achieving the proper profile... These are essential steps that allow for secure adhesion and a level of durability that performs as you need it to.

And, in the case of a total floor system replacement, it all begins with successful floor demolition.

Hiring the Right Professional for Your Floor Demolition Project

As you search for your industrial or commercial flooring ally, here are a few attributes that you should consider non-negotiable:

  • Experience - You and your facility deserve a professional who can negotiate your project easily, understanding and accommodating any unique needs or considerations in a solution-based manner.
  • Sizeable Team - Having a large enough workforce ensures that your deadlines can be easily met, and that scheduling flexibility is offered (including night, weekend, and holiday work).
  • The Right Equipment - Here at Kaloutas, for example, we have a state-of-the-art Terminator, with the capability to successfully remove a wide variety of existing floor systems. To achieve that all-important surface preparation that we mentioned above, we then use our Blastrac shot-blast and diamatic grinders to create a receptive profile for your new system.

Using Dust-Free Equipment for Floor Demolition

Whether your property is being renovated, restored, or repurposed, it’s likely that multiple trades will be at work simultaneously. It may even be that your own team will be working nearby.

Either way, it’s essential that your floor demolition project is contained, for the sake of surrounding equipment and commodities and the health of those at work.

With that in mind, make sure that your floor demolition company is utilizing dust-free equipment.

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