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Which Kind of Flooring Is Best for Your Busy Supermarket?

Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015

Which Kind of Flooring Is Best for Your Busy Supermarket?

In a supermarket there are two major, overarching factors to keep in mind as you look for the perfect flooring solution: style and function.

“Style” doesn’t only refer to picking trendy colors (although there’s nothing wrong with that), but also to consistently presenting your brand. You want patrons and visitors alike to quickly and easily recognize your unique image.

“Function,” on the other hand, is the ability to work hard, meeting the demands of your environment without complaint. After all, flooring failure can cause unhealthy, dangerous, and disruptive issues.

So, what is your flooring answer?

Epoxy Flooring Systems - A Blend of Style and Function


Epoxy floor systems are available in a wide variety of colors, and there are huge possibilities for customization thanks to the flake broadcasts that can be added. This creates a classy, textured finish.

From defining different departments to creating a stunning entrance area, epoxy systems literally have you covered.


Here are just a few of the functional benefits of an epoxy coating:

  • Sanitary - Unlike the old floor tiles of yesteryear, epoxy doesn’t offer the crevices and cracks for moisture and contaminants to hide inside. Spills and dirt are kept right on the surface.
  • Low-maintenance - Thanks to that non-absorbent surface we just mentioned, epoxy floors are very simple to clean and maintain. A basic mopping will bring the original shine right back.
  • Tough - Impact-resistance is a wonderful quality to have, especially in those areas of your supermarket where foot traffic and the movement of dollies, equipment, or carts is nearly constant.
  • Easy coverage - This system can cover concrete, metal, and even previously coated flooring.
  • Non-slip - We know that the floors in many departments can get slick quickly, especially when there is routine floor washing, food preparation, and the rinsing of containers/dishes during daily operations.
  • System options - Under the umbrella of “epoxy systems,” there are numerous specific options that can be selected.

We Can Help You Choose and Install Your Supermarket’s Flooring

Since every environment is a little different, our approach at Kaloutas's industrial flooring division is to thoroughly discuss your needs and goals with you, help you navigate your flooring options, then put our application expertise to work.

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