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Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

In an industrial facility, implementing proper safety protocols is the most crucial step you can take to ensure excellent company culture and high production. Industrial cleaning is a significant component in enhancing facility safety and compliance. Every part of your facility must be adequately cleaned and maintained to ensure safety. Establishing commercial cleaning of ceilings and walls is as essential as cleaning your floors and equipment.

Implementing ceiling and wall cleaning in your commercial building reduces:

  • Safety issues

  • Health hazards

  • Equipment and building integrity degradation

Here is how Kaloutas will ensure your safety and health protocols are met while protecting the integrity and sustainability of your business. 

Enhance Safety

Cleaning your industrial ceilings and walls immediately increases light reflectivity throughout the space. When dirt and grime are lifted, the room is brightened so that your people can focus on the task at hand. When the space is lit, your people can anticipate tripping hazards, traffic patterns of equipment and people, and potential injury. 

When you pair ceiling and wall cleaning with polished epoxy floor coatings or other industrial flooring options, your warehouse or commercial building is safe enough for your employees to see where they’re going in a high-traffic area with loud equipment and several other moving bodies. Those who are on foot or operating equipment throughout the building will be better able to avoid liability issues and not run into other assets, causing damage to your expensive structures and equipment. 

Reduce Health Hazards

Keeping your facility free of combustible dust by the proper ceiling and wall cleaning also enhances the health of your people. When your employees, customers, or anyone walking through your building have better air quality, they are better able to perform. As a business owner, this also saves you in labor costs due to fewer sick days and turnover. 

Regular industrial ceiling and wall cleanings also reduces fire hazards. If a fire breaks out and your warehouse is filled with foreign objects and dust, these particles will only feed the fire. Even with proper fireproofing, adding additional hazards to a facility can make it extremely flammable. Proper cleaning of all surfaces is a great way to enhance employee health and wellness, and overall company culture.   

Building Protection

By implementing proper cleaning protocols on all surfaces, the industrial ceiling paint and wall coverings are also preserved longer. This results in a better return on investment on your painting projects. Regular cleaning is part of proper industrial building maintenance. When implemented, dust particles, dirt, mold, and mildew don’t get the chance to eat away at the integrity of your building. This saves you time and money in the future when you don’t have to make major replacements to expensive parts of your building. Without continuous cleaning, you will notice degradation and damages from water, wear and tear, and day-to-day foot and equipment traffic. 

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning with Kaloutas

The experienced professionals at Kaloutas understand the importance of commercial cleaning of ceilings, walls, overall structure and equipment. When you have a maintenance cleaning plan with Kaloutas, you’re investing in your business’s sustainability, your people, and your future while enjoying our no work stoppage guarantee. We understand your building’s specific needs while keeping you compliant and up-to-code. Ready to get started? Contact Kaloutas for your maintenance plan estimate today!

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