Why Kaloutas is Trusted at Regulated Facilities to Perform Their Maintenance and Safety Protocols

Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Why Kaloutas is Trusted at Regulated Facilities to Perform Their Maintenance and Safety Protocols

In addition to meeting production deadlines, industrial businesses must comply with various regulations relevant to their line of work. As restrictive as all this red tape can sometimes be, it is there for a reason -- namely the protection of all employees, customers, and guests as well as the environment. Failing to abide by the legally mandated facility maintenance and safety protocols can result in major penalties, and may even force businesses to shut down. For these reasons, it is crucial to team up with a reliable, knowledgeable, and adaptable provider that is trusted at regulated facilities to oversee their maintenance and safety protocols.

Why People Trust Kaloutas

Kaloutas Offers Multiple Trades

Competence and trust go hand in hand -- if a contractor lacks the necessary knowledge, experience, and/or equipment to get the job done right, clients will have no choice but to look elsewhere. At Kaloutas, we establish a foundation of trust by offering our wide range of services and expertise to each and every client. Whether you require industrial cleaning, containment, maintenance, painting, flooring, fireproofing, caulking, or some combination of these services, we can provide them as needed and in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

Kaloutas Knows the Ins and Outs of Various Industries and Regulations

Not only do we know how to perform various trades, we’re also well-versed in the nuances and relevant regulations of various industries. This means that there is no risk of confusion or legal liability when it comes to determining the proper approach and frequency of particular tasks. For instance, we understand the proper protocols for industrial containment when cleaning, repairing, or painting an area, and all of our teams are properly trained and certified in OSHA, FDA, and other relevant protocols. In the event that we do come across something previously unknown to us, we are quick to adapt and absorb the new information into our processes moving forward. Our referral program also allows us to get customers in touch with other providers to fulfill their needs.

Kaloutas Works Closely With Our Clients

Trust is a two-way street, which is why we make a point to cultivate strong relationships with all of our clients whether we’re simply providing industrial painting for them or acting as an in-house, full-service maintenance specialist. In fact, our relationships are so strong that our teams have earned the ability to manage work order flow and other facility tasks at the facilities in which we operate. Maintaining this level of trust allows us to work more efficiently and better understand the unique needs of each facility. Kaloutas has become the go-to maintenance partner for many businesses, even if we’re simply offering referrals, helping with onboarding, answering questions, etc.

Kaloutas Operates the Way You Operate

Ultimately, it has become our credo that we operate the way our clients operate. This doesn’t mean we won’t offer specialized advice and solutions when needed -- it just means that we respect and operate in accordance with the needs, procedures, goals, scheduling, and regulations of each and every client. We want to help our customers improve their safety protocols, increase efficiency, enhance their reputation, and maintain compliance. Time and time again, we have achieved these goals, which is why Kaloutas has become a trusted preventative maintenance partner for so many businesses.

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