5 Signs of Damage Under Your Wallpaper or Wallcovering

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2020

5 Signs of Damage Under Your Wallpaper or Wallcovering

Look Out for These Signs of Wallpaper Damage

Wallpaper and wall coverings, while slightly distinct from one another, both offer aesthetic options and protection for your commercial or industrial facility’s interior. However, commercial wall coverings do come with a slight catch. Unlike bare or painted walls, this extra layer of material can cover up underlying signs of damage that need to be addressed. Sometimes the warning signs are clear and present, but other times they’re somewhat subtle. Regardless, you need to be attuned to all the warning signs so you can take care of the issue before it gets worse. Here we’ll describe the five major signs of damage underneath your commercial wallpaper or wall covering.

The Most Common Signs of Wallpaper Damage

1. Staining or Discoloration

Any part of your facility, including your floors, ceilings, and walls, may exhibit changes in appearance over time. This discoloration or staining is especially common for painted surfaces, but your wall coverings can experience it, too. In fact, if your wallpaper or coverings look off in this way, it’s often a sign of underlying water damage and/or mold growth between the wall itself and the surface material. By the time you take notice of discoloration, the damage may be severe, too, as most wallpaper for commercial use is relatively thick.

2. Appearance of Small Particles on Wall

Though less noticeable than staining or discoloration, you might also see little dots or particles on your wall coverings. While this may simply be dust, it might also signify mold growth underneath the covering. If there is mold growth on your walls, you need to take caution removing the existing wallpaper, as you may cause the mold spores to spread throughout your facility. This is why it’s important to contact a professional contractor for both commercial wallpaper installation and removal.

3. Bubbling

Small, bubble-like protrusions on your wall covering also indicate the presence of moisture. This sign basically means that the covering is losing its adherence to the wall, allowing air to come in, forming those little bubbles.

4. Funny Smells

Not all warning signs are visible. Your other senses can also cue you into problems with your walls, particularly your sense of smell. If you and your co-workers begin to smell an odd or unpleasant odor, you may be onto something. Of course, a funny scent could indicate a number of things, but wall damage, particularly mold growth, could be one of them, especially if the odor is musty.

5. Warping

Ideally, your facility’s walls should remain straight as an arrow. However, changes in temperature and humidity cause materials to expand, contract, and warp in different ways. Commercial and industrial wall coverings can actually help you notice warping in your walls, as the covering will appear loose or off-kilter as a result of the movement.

As you might have noticed, excess moisture is often the cause of wall damage. In fact, moisture can cause a lot of problems in commercial and industrial facilities, especially when it comes to floors. At Kaloutas, our wall covering options can help prevent moisture and other debris from gathering on your walls. To learn more about us and all that we do for your business, contact us here and give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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