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Brewery Flooring Solutions in Newington, NH

Posted on Friday, January 05, 2018

Newington is a unique place. Located right near the New Hampshire seacoast, it’s both an economic powerhouse (with large commercial and industrial sectors) and a quaint, historic destination. Similar to the town it lives in, Stoneface Brewing also offers a unique duality: a cutting-edge brewhouse that supplies a large volume of brews to retail shops, restaurants, and bars throughout New England, and a warm, inviting tasting room and restaurant.

Our flooring division, Kaloutas's Industrial Flooring, recently had the pleasure of serving Stoneface Brewing, providing flooring solutions that meet both their functional and aesthetic needs.

What to Know About Brewery Floor Solutions

Installing a Urethane Cement System for the Brewhouse Floor

The brewhouse/tank area may be where the magic happens in a brewery, but this magic puts a tremendous strain on your concrete floor. Beyond the wear, tear, and impact inflicted by foot traffic, machinery, and kegs, there are three other key considerations:

  • Thermal shock - Hot water washes and the resulting thermal shock can weaken even the most durable of floors over time, causing conventional epoxy systems to eventually flake.
  • Chemical exposure - Similar to thermal shock, the use of strong chemicals and cleaning agents needs to be anticipated before the best floor system can be chosen.
  • Dangers of slick flooring - The risk of slips and falls should be minimized in any way possible, especially in environments that are continuously wet.

In collaboration with the owners of Stoneface Brewing, we decided that the very best concrete solution for their brewhouse/tank area would be a Dur-A-Flex Polycrete system with aggregate (Urethane Cement). Not only would the urethane stand up to thermal shock and chemical exposure, but the aggregate would also provide that extra traction needed to reduce the risk of a wet, and often slick, floor.

This process included:

  • Surface Preparation - Our specialized industrial flooring team knows the value of preparation, and that these initial steps will guarantee the longevity and performance of the system as a whole. In this case, we used diamond grinders and shot blasters to create the proper profile and a receptive surface for the urethane cement system.
  • Application - With the cement fully prepared, we applied the Dur-A-Flex Polycrete urethane.
  • We installed Dur-A-Flex Polycrete MDB Urethane Mortar) at ¼.

Would you like more information about urethane cement? This short video provides a closer look at the process and benefits.

The Brewhouse Tasting Room Floor - Where Style Meets Function

The Stoneface Brewery tasting room offers an inviting, industrial vibe, acting as a more comfortable extension of the production going on in the brewery area.

Our clients had these specific goals in mind as we developed our strategy:

  • Support the industrial aesthetic of the facility, matching the existing decor and furnishings
  • Be low-maintenance and durable
  • Have a slight sheen, and be dust-free
  • To meet the tight deadline for opening

We decided to use Protective Industrial Polymers’ Water Based 1200 Clear Epoxy. It was the ideal solution, creating a dust-free, durable, attractive finish that we knew would perform well.

As an added benefit, this epoxy floor system also eliminated the need to test for vapor transmission through the concrete slab. It’s breathable, allowing vapor transmission to naturally occur.

Stop By for a Local Brew!

The flooring work was completed on time and to our client’s exact specifications (in fact, we met the final deadline for opening by working through the night!). And, we are happy to report that after months of continued use, the floor systems in both the brewing and tasting areas are performing exactly as we anticipated.

If you have questions about your own brewery flooring needs, we hope you’ll contact us at Kaloutas and Kaloutas's Industrial Flooring division. It would be our pleasure to serve you, providing the services you need to perfectly achieve your functional and aesthetic goals.

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