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Durable Floor Measuring Lines in Colchester, CT

Posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

If you are at all familiar with industrial painting and flooring, you probably have heard of and seen (maybe even use!) safety line striping. These stripes work much in the same way that the lanes on our roads do, designating where and how traffic should flow for optimal, safe travel. In the case of your warehouse or production facility, these lanes channel everything from pedestrians to forklifts.

In some cases, flooring lines are used for other purposes as well. For example, we recently were approached by a company in Colchester, CT, that manufactures safety netting. They use lines on their floor to assist with accurately measuring their products. The issue was that passing forklifts were breaking down these lines and, as you can imagine, this didn’t help their production efficiency.

Correcting Floor Moisture Issues and Installing the Lines

Upon a careful inspection and further testing, we discovered that one major underlying problem was the fact that the moisture levels in the slab were very high, damaging the bond that their original lines had with the floor. This issue is similar to getting the adhesive wet on the back of a sticker; it just won’t stay put.

We removed the existing coatings and re-coated the entire floor with a system from FloRock, a manufacturer of epoxy and urethane systems based out of Chicago. In addition, we installed five custom-made, 100’ measuring lines from Agio Imaging after the floor was complete. As an icing on this giant cake, we laid down a top-coat of Polyaspartic, 100% solids, ultra-fast cure coating to make those measuring lines not have to worry about forklifts for a long, long time.

If you know the technical jargon, then you know that this job was done well, and carefully designed to last. If some of the terms were new to you, just know that this is now a durable, protected, and moisture-free floor.

Our Goal Is to Never Let Our Work Get in the Way of Yours!

We finished this project over two weekends, and were able to finish the first part of our work without shutting down plant operations. And, as an added confirmation that all went well, we have been asked back to complete the remainder of the building, and another entire floor elsewhere as well!

Do you need help with your industrial flooring system? We will problem-solve and choose all the right methods to make sure you are left with a quality product, all while catering to your schedule as needed. We look forward to helping!

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